First Impressions: Dr Roebuck Skincare

I recently was lucky enough to receive some amazing skin care products from Dr Roebuck, so I thought I would share my first impressions with you! I’ve been using these products for around a week. In my opinion, a full review of skincare products really need at least four weeks to get results. Due to time constraints, I decided to do a first impressions instead, to show you these and let you know my initial thoughts. Some of these products will definitely be worked into my regular routine, all will be revealed below.

What Dr Roebuck Says

Over 30 years ago our physician parents searched high and low for an effective and safe skin care product for their precious children and patients. They discovered this did not exist. By combining an old English dermatological formula with their clinical and practical knowledge the formula for Dr Roebuck’s was born. 30 years on, Dr Roebuck’s is still delivering on what we need for our own skin, our children’s skin, and all that is precious to us. We would like to share our family secret with you.

The original PURE Formula has now been developed further to create four specific and unique products to address your overall everyday needs.

What The Minted Beauty Says

When it comes to Australian skincare, we are really kicking arse. There are so many great, paraben free, BPA free and fragrance free products on the market that are 100% Aussie Made, and Dr Roebuck is another to add to the list. I really love the old chemist-inspiration of the packaging, with the old style amber coloured plastic and green lids. I am normally a little hesitant regarding tubs, but they are a lot more hygienic than makeup/lip balm tubs (in the words of Joey Tribiani: “It’s soap. It’s self-cleaning.”)

Dr Roebuck POLISH* (RRP $39.95) is probably one of the stand out products in the package I received. It is a dual purpose product, working as an exfoliant as well as a face mask. It’s one of the least abrasive physical exfoliants I’ve used in a while, and has the added bonus of having ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Vitamin E, White Tea extracts and Macadamia Oil to really cleanse and rid your skin of free radicals. It also has Jojoba beads, Grapefuit and Peppermint Oil (YUM!) to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

After the exfoliation/face mask, Dr Roebuck’s TONE* (RRP $29.95) can be used to remove the face mask and to brighten, tighten and soothe the skin. This product also contains grapefruit and peppermint oils, along with aloe vera to soothe, and AHAH to cleanse the pores, reduce the redness and tighten the skin. This is definitely gentle enough for everyday use and I’ve been using this pretty regularly in my routine.

Next step in the regime is Dr Roebuck’s PURE* (RRP $44.95) which admittedly I’ve only been able to try out a couple of times (hence the ‘first impressions’ nature of this post). This facial moisturiser is for those with sensitive or problem skin (holla!) and it is encouraged to apply a thick layer of a night time. It soaks in remarkably quickly, so it’s perfect for just before bedtime (no smudging off that moisturiser onto your pillow, ick!) and contains unique ingredients that are natural calmants to allergy skin reactions. Perfect for your face, or for the bub should you have a baby human in the house.

Admittedly, I don’t often get rashes, but when I do, you can be certain that it was probably caused my shaving. I mainly get the shaving rash on my bikini line or around my ankles. With Dr Roebuck EVERYDAY RASH* (RRP $15.95) to the rescue, it reduced redness and calmed my skin down, complete with instant relief from the stinging shaving rash. I will definitely be keeping this on hand around weekly ‘shave day’ I normally do.

This range is currently available at Priceline or on the brand’s website, should you be one of my international readers.

Have you tried Dr Roebuck’s skincare range? What are your thoughts?

  • Caroline

    Oooh, these sound great to start! I’ll be waiting for a full review in a couple of weeks.

    • Kate Flint

      Defs! I think the POLISH is going to make it into this month’s favourites, it’s the bomb!

  • Emily

    I’ve always been really hesitant to buy this product when I’ve seen it as I never really knew much about it but it looks really interesting! I’ll definitely see if I can give it a go next time!

    In another news I just followed you on bloglovin and your blog is incredible! I am a very happy chappy :) Thank you for putting time and effort into your posts - it really does show!


    • Kate Flint

      Thank you so much for your kind words :) That means so much to me! Definitely see if you can pick up some of the products to use (especially POLISH) and let me know how you go! :) X