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This will be the second last part of my favourites features for 2013. Only one more to go after this one guys, promise! I love reflecting back on the things I loved about a past year, month, week, day. So here we go looking back on my favourite hair care products for 2013!



LUSH Rehab has been a favourite of mine for a while, and this is a repurchase which I hauled in June. How do I get my shampoo to last so long? Well, this particular shampoo is very clarifying. I often use a cheaper and gentler shampoo, and then use this guy to revamp my hair for the week. I find I use this more often in Summer, because there’s a lot more build up from gross things like sweat. Ech. It has olive and jojoba oil to revitalise and strengthen the hair, and a sweet juicy scent.


I am going to have to be a bit boring and go with another LUSH product here. American Cream is the perfect conditioner for oily hair. It never has much build up and has an amazing vanilla scent. Veganese from LUSH comes as a close second, but I am AC fo’ lyfe.


Treatment (Cream)

I’ve been trying out a great deal of treatment creams after dying my hair blonde in 2013, but I am still struggling to find a match to the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. It is super nourishing and an amazing scent, and leaves my hair so dreamy. Currently tracking down my next batch so I can continue usage :)


Treatment (Oil)

I also had the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Oil in the set I got with the repair masque and it is so lovely. I use it every second day on my hair to try to keep the ends looking healthier than they actually are (I assure you, they aren’t healthy at all :(…)


Hair Spray

My favourite everyday hairspray is Not Your Mother’s It’s a Tease hairspray, which is infused with apple blossom and bamboo. It has low hold (which I prefer) and has an awesome scent. Apparently I lead with my nose when it comes to favourites.


Heat Protectant

I received the GHD Heat Protectant spray in a pervious Violet Box and it has been one of my favourite heat protectant sprays this year. It really protects my hair from straightening and curling, without leaving a tacky residue on my strands.



I’ve used a bunch of toners this year (check out my going Blonde Series here) but my favourite so far has been the Schwarzkopf Igora Colour Gloss in Ice flower. It leaves hair so soft and a silvery ice colour afterwards. The fact that it is a mousse is a plus too, making it super easy to distribute bleached and damaged hair.

Styling Tool

I don’t think anything will replace my Purple GHD Hair Straightener. I’ve had this straightener since 2008 and it is still going strong! I took a photo of my straightener and then the file corrupted somewhere along the line -_- Source Image provided :|

So that concludes my favourites for this section! Check out my makeup and skincare favourites here too! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s random favourites - things that made 2013 the year it was - amazing :)

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

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  • Christine

    I still haven’t tried that Macadamia Mask, even though I’ve been going through my samples of hair treatments in the search of that ‘holy grail’ prooduct for me as far as adding some moisture back into my hair.
    I’m really hoping that I’ll get a sample of it in a future box as I really don’t want to pay for a full tube and find out that I don’t like it.
    I am tempted though as I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say anything bad about it yet…

    • Kate

      It is really amazing! If I want to buy something that I am not sure I will like I try and wait for a sale (that’s when I got the Macadamia products). :) Xo