Instagram Summary #2

I’ve had a massively busy two weeks! Tax season can be very draining but also it’s good to be busy at work! I also had to go away for two days of Winter Tax & Super School, which was a lot of fun! I got a hotel room to myself, ate some delicious foods and got to meet some very smart and accomplished CA members! I am so glad to be back at home and I am very excited to get back into filming and blogging! If you aren’t already, follow me on instagram at kateflint. Feel free to leave your Instagram name as a comment to this post and I would love to follow back! I love having new and interesting photos in my feed!

1. Essie Nailpolish in Mojito Madness  2. Delicious brownie cupcakes by Tash   3. MAC Editorial Orange Lip Palette

4. #11 on Bloglovin’ !!   5. My little rat Kramer    6. Watching Disney songs on YouTube

7. Kramer & Anikan having snugs on the couch     8. Selfie time before work    9. Watching Prison Break in jamies

10. Just funnies        11. Reading my favourite book again!       12. Watching a Queen doc while away on business

IMG_0652 copy

13. Lipstick Moustache!      14. Lime Crime Package arrived!!     15. A night out with my favourite boy.

Thanks so much for checking it out! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Kate Xx

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