More Liebster Award Nominations

Since posting my original Liebster award nomination, I have been nominated again! I am so happy that my blog is actually reaching an audience :) Thought I would still answer the questions and link back to the original blog that nominated me for this award even though I have already done the full nomination in an earlier post.

Rebecca from Just Wing It nominated me :) Thanks so much to Rebecca, make sure you check out her blog, it’s awesome :)

Her questions were:

1. If you had to choose just one makeup brand to use for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

For drugstore I would probably choose Maybelline. I feel like the things I need most in life are foundation, concealer, mascara and lipstick, and I have favourites of all of these by Maybelline. For high end I am going to go all out and say Chanel, because if everything I owned was Chanel I would be a happy camper.

2. Smoky eye / nude lip OR Red lip / winged liner?

Definitely a red lip and a winged liner. I have yet to master the smoky eye and I am yet to find the perfect nude lipstick.

3. Favourite make-up artist and why?

I don’t think I have a favourite makeup artist! I see amazing makeup done by everyday girls who don’t do it as a job.

4. Animal testing - is it something you think of when purchasing beauty products?

It does cross my mind from time to time, and I feel terrible once I do some research and find out a great brand tests on animals. I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t preach about only using animal free testing products. I will, however, sing praises to brands that don’t test on animals and if you look through my collection I have a great deal of cruelty free products.

5. Favourite place to shop for cosmetics?

If I had to choose anywhere in the world, I would choose a Sephora, because we don’t have one in Australia (except possibly in Sydney). If we are talking about where I actually shop for cosmetics regularly, it would have to be Priceline.

6. How much is too much to pay for foundation?

This is a difficult question! I have a lot of different priced foundations. I think anything over $50 you need to be really sure that you are willing to shell out the money.

7. Favourite budget beauty brand and why?

I think Essence is a great budget beauty brand! They have so many eye shadows and other eye products that are SO CHEAP it’s almost criminal (by Australian standards anyway). They are pretty great quality too so it’s not just wasted money.

8. Do you follow ‘trends’ (example - have you ever worn blue lipstick?)

I haven’t worn blue lipstick yet, but I have worn mint green lipstick! I think I do follow trends but not to the point where I am a slave to the trends. There is a difference between jumping on the band wagon and leading your life by someone else’s rules.

9. What is your ‘must have’ makeup item?

Probably concealer. I just don’t look awake without a smidge on my under eye circles!

10. What beauty product do you think is the most overrated?

Hmmm… as in a brand’s beauty product? I am not really sure! If something works for you (or doesn’t work for you) there are probably others who think the same thing. So long as you form your own opinions on things and don’t just follow the hive it shouldn’t really matter!

Another big thanks to Rebecca for the nomination, you made my day!

Stay Minty

Kate Xx

6 thoughts on “More Liebster Award Nominations

  1. Congrats on getting a second nomination! As much as I enjoy product reviews, it’s fun to learn about the people behind my fave blogs as well.

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