Think Pink

Think Pink
Think Pink by kate-flint featuring lips makeup

Lips makeup

Essie nail polish
$17 -

After choosing to dye my hair pink on a whim, I thought I would “come out of the closet” as such. No, I am straight. BUT I have a big love of PINK. Yes. The ultimate girly colour. I would love to be matching my makeup, clothes and accessories to my new hair.
What are your thoughts on pink? Too girly, or are you in agreeance with me about the sass factor (hint: it’s high!).
Stay Minty!
Kate Xx


11 thoughts on “Think Pink

  1. Loving your hair Kate. It’s such a nice deep pink too. I’m a relatively new fan of the colour pink, but now I’m into it in a big way. I would so love those pink sparkly shoes, the pants and the nail polish. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love those pink sparkly shoes!! Btw, noticed you’re planning to move in Gremany :) ? Where exactly? I live in Berlin at the moment but i’m Finnish….anyways, welcome :) I’ve also lived in Queensland in Brisbane for half a year :)

    x Marjaana

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