REVIEW: Thierry Mugler Alien

It’s been a while since my last perfume review, basically because it has been a little while since a perfume really knocked my socks off. Enter, Alien by Thierry Mugler. I first heard of Alien through Natalee Patel on YouTube (who does fantastic perfume reviews). She said that it didn’t suit her skin, but could be beautiful on others. I didn’t think much more about it, but it definitely got my attention. After some more browsing, I discovered that it’s a scent you either love, or hate. It doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does, the results are amazing.

While I was browsing through the perfume section of a Myer Center, this bottle caught my eye. The packaging of this perfume is rather unusual, as it has a strange spray button instead of the regular ‘run of the mill’ diffuser. I sprayed it on my skin and left it to develop while I browsed other perfumes. While I was looking through others, I caught a whiff of Alien. My goodness. It was glorious.

The Scent

It has such a mysterious scent to it. On my skin, I can swear that I smell an almost licorice/aniseed smell, despite there being none of this included in the base, mid or top notes.

According to, Alien has the following range of scent:

Base:      White Amber

Middle:       Cashmere Wood

Top:              Sambac Jasmine

It’s definitely a muskier, woodier scent than my other perfumes, but it ties in nicely with the floral notes of jasmine, to not make it too heavy or spicy.

The Packaging

Alien boasts are clear dark purple bottle which looks almost like a cut amethyst. The gold button is located on the back which is more like a lever than a regular pump. I think it’s a very unusual packaging, but also very beautiful and oddly elegant. This definitely fits in with the theme of the perfume overall!


As I’ve mentioned previously, with perfumes I tend to break rules and wear things when they take my fancy, not just seasonal and day/night. I would class this one as a night perfume for Winter/Fall, just because summer and spring are normally reserved for very floral scents. I’ve been wearing it this spring just because I love the scent. My partner complimented the perfume (which doesn’t normally happen) so it’s definitely a romantic, sexy kind of scent I think.


I am a HUGE fan of this perfume. I wouldn’t recommend buying this one online because it is quite strong and different for everyone. I would suggest tracking down a sample to try out and see if you like it!

Have you smelt or tried Alien? Love it or Hate it?


Kate Xx

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