A few Winter essentials

Winter Essentials
Winter Essentials by kate-flint featuring tall pants

With Winter approaching I thought I would do a quick post about my Winter essentials! I will be doing a more thorough post on this soon with my own pictures, products. So this is more of a Wishing Winter Wishlist? Maybe?

At the very least, my Winter is going to involve a chunky knit, cute slogan beanie, comfy pants, kitsch socks, my favourite lip balm and all the FROZEN that my partner allows me to watch!

What are your Winter Essentials?

  • chntl

    One of the best parts of Winter is getting to wear chunky knits and comfy pants! Got to love some Frozen too ;)

    Chantalle x

    • Kate Flint

      Definitely! I hang out for this time of year purely so I can dress comfortably! Frozen is one of my fave movies of the year for sure! :D

  • http://www.dancingthroughsunday.typepad.com rebecca

    ahh! The socks, knit and I am yet to see Frozen (Terrible.. I know). Great picks :)

    • Kate Flint

      Thank you :) I really must insist you watch it. I got sick of people telling me to watch it so I did, begrudgingly. Now I refer to parts of my life as BF (Before Frozen) and N (Nirvana)

      • http://www.dancingthroughsunday.typepad.com rebecca

        hahaha- BF, you made ma laugh out loud and for that I am downloading as we speak.

  • http://www.styleontheside.com/ Caroline

    Ha! These are so great. I will definitely keep them in mind after summer!