Horror Movie

Horror Movie
Horror Movie by kate-flint featuring slip on shoes

Halloween top
$37 - newlook.com

UNIF slip on shoes

Matte lipstick

Ciate nail polish
$29 - ciate.co.uk

Even though I am normally pretty brave with wearing crazy things in public, (hello? Pink hair!) I won’t be traipsing around in costumes constantly until Halloween. Alternatively, I’ll be using subtle ways to incorporate some cool spooky stuff into an everyday look.
Is anybody else super duper excited for Halloween?

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Anybody else just think of Chief Wiggum? Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows!

Hi everyone! I deeply apologise for the lack of posts as of late! I am currently moving my domain to a new blog website (don’t worry, website address and bloglovin’ subscriptions will all remain the same) and it’s becoming quite a lengthy process. It will mean a cleaner and better website for you (the readers) and hopefully something that is better suited to me! In the mean time, I have been nominated by Kammi from Beauty Book Blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award, so here is something to tide you over! (Also, if you feel like watching a video, head over to YouTube and watch my latest haul video!)

The Sunshine award is given to bloggers who are positive, inspiring, creative or whose blog you just really enjoy reading. Thank you so much to Kammi for nominating me, I am very flattered!

The rules are similar to that of the other awards:

  1. List 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers you feel deserve this award
  4. Write 11 questions for them to answer in their award post
  5. Let your 11 bloggers know you have nominated them

11 Facts About Me. This is getting tricky! There will be nothing left to know soon!

1. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 22. I fell in love and can’t start my day properly without a cup.

2. I’m a big project starter, but not a project finisher.

3. I rarely wear pants around the house. This can be embarrassing if someone knocks on the door!

4. A lot of my bones crack and click, especially my back, hips, ankles and neck.

5. I find nothing more satisfying than watching a compelling documentary.

6. I really hate using dessert sized spoons. One got caught in the roof of my mouth/teeth when I was younger. I always try to use teaspoons.

7.  I watch American Dad DAILY. I know, I know.

8. My favourite flowers are tulips.

9. I’ve always bought iPhones since their release and have never broken a screen.

10. Number nine was true until last night!

11. My favourite ice cream flavour is jaffa!

And now onto Kammi’s questions!

1. Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or a Christmas film?!

I think it’s more of a Halloween film. I get the itch to watch it around this time of year.

2. What is your favourite time of days for reading blogs?

Probably from 7:30am to late.

3. How often do you blog?

Not as often as I would like! Having a full time job can get in the way. I would one day love to blog full time but it will take a lot of work to get to that stage!

4. What book are you currently reading?

I haven’t chosen a new book to begin reading yet. I have a lot on my list though.

5. If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to stop time (including my aging) so I can sleep more. Silly I know, but I would seriously use it for that only!

6. What did you have for breakfast this morning? (Trying to think of new things for me to have but never have a clue!)

I had pancakes and orange juice, because it’s the weekend! :D

7. What is your favourite social media site?

Probably reddit, because it has something for everyone. I’ve learnt so much since I found it! Twitter is also amazing and I’ve met some amazing people via twitter.

8. What do you do about lighting issues for taking photos in the winter time?

I currently live in a climate where it’s pretty much fine all year round, but I use a studio light kit at the moment. I am looking for some daylight bulbs for a less stark light at the moment though.

9. What was the last pair of shoes you bought? (Feel free to add a photo into your post!)

Goodness I am not sure! I tend to buy shoes in bulk and then wear them out. It was probably a pair of black ballet flats for work. Boring!

10. Favourite perfume?

At the moment? Alien by Thierry Mulger. Of all time?  Madame by John Paul Gaultier.

11. Are you a morning person?

I am definitely more of a night owl.

Phew! OK now onto tagging 11 people to do this tag! No particular order!

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6. Kitsch Snitch

7. Allure by Maddison

8. Tried & Tested

9. More Than Adored

10. Eat Paint Sniff Glue

11. misstango2

And now for the 11 questions that my nominees are invited to answer :)


1. What is your favourite magazine to read?

2. Would you prefer a kindle or a full bookcase of real books? (Or a bookcase of kindles hehehe)

3. Favourite holiday during the year?

4. Please share your most embarrassing fashion memory.

5. And your most embarrassing makeup/beauty/skincare memory.

6. If you could reach into the past, which product or clothing item (or whatever you like!) would you bring back to current day?

7. If you could only spend time on one social media outlet, which one would it be?

8. Do you remember your first nightmare (or dream)?

9. Your favourite lipstick of the moment.

10. How did you find The Minted Beauty?

11. If you had to eat the same food every day for a month, what meal would you choose?


Thanks so much to Kammi for tagging me! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I will try and upload so more posts this coming week!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

Review: Revlon Sizzling Pink OR The Search for the Perfect Coral Lipstick

P1090923 P1090929P1090931As you may be aware, I am completely cuckoo for Spring. Scarily so. I want to wear a floral crown to work. I want to walk barefoot  and dance in the sun on lunch times. It’s silly, but refreshing. Something a little more normal acceptable that I have been obsessing over is coral lipstick. I am just IN LOVE with the look.

Now, with most beauty/fashion items, you need to find the perfect product FOR YOU. Different skin tones, tastes and needs all come into play here, so don’t be discouraged if you have a differing opinion to mine. That’s good! I would love some discussion on here if you agree or disagree with my choices :)  Moving on, after much swatching at the drugstore yesterday, I found one that I was really happy with.

Revlon Lasting Lipstick in Pink Sizzle is my current favourite coral colour. I chose this one over a lip crayon or lip butter, because I wanted a longer lasting pigmentation, without being too drying. I also steered away from the Vivids by Maybelline because that wasn’t the tone of coral I wanted. I think it’s not too pink, not too orange. Just the perfect mid range that I had in mind.


- Accessible

- Perfect mid-range between pink and orange.

- Not drying or sticky

- Fairly good lasting power for the average lipstick, about three hours before reapplication


- Expensive for a drugstore lipstick. Australian drugstore prices are outrageous

What do you think of this lipstick? Should I continue my search? Have I found the one?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

REVIEW: MAC Plumful Lustre Lipstick





As someone relatively new to MAC (I onlybought my first item from MAC in June!) my collection has been growing steadily :) I am becoming ever-so-slightly crazily obsessed with their lipstick range, because there is something for every occassion! As you’ve seen in other posts I’ve written, including MAC Russian Red vs Lady Danger, andthe review of my MAC Editorial Orange Lip Palette, I am a huge fan. I thought I would do a review on one of the more ‘everyday’ wearable colours, seeing as the others I’ve posted have been pretty bold colours!

One of my favourite everyday lipsticks from MAC is Plumful. It is a lustre finish, and is described as a “muted medium pink, with a touch of plum”. As a self confessed lover of purple lipsticks, this is a great shade to really ease into the trend, which might be a little scary at first!

I found Plumful after watching EssieButton’s video on her favourite MAC Lipsticks. My sister and I love her videos so much, she is a crack up :) I love so many things that she loves, so I was overjoyed when my sister was able to pick me up this lipstick on one of her trips to Brisbane. (Don’t worry, I gave her moneyz for it!)

I find the colour pay-off of Plumful to be pretty great, especially for a lustre lipstick. The lustre lipsticks of MAC are noted for being not as pigmented and more of a sheer finish. It has the same smooth, vanilla scent as other MAC lipsticks, and has an amazing texture. It is definitely more moisturising than some of my other MAC lipsticks, which are mostly matte and cremesheen finishes.

As I said earlier, this is a great everyday lipstick. It’s perfectly understated, but just that little bit different from your every day basic pink lipstick. I love pairing it with a neutral eye. Even though it’s everyday, I feel like it can create a very polished and pulled-together look. It’s not too bright, and not too sheer. Just perfection :)

Have you tried MAC’s Plumful Lipstick? What is your favourite go-to lipstick that’s just a little bit different from your basic pinky nude?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

Do Blonde’s Have More Fun? Part 3: Toning and Treatments

IMG_0751 2

The hard part is over! Congrats! Are you having fun yet? :P You will notice your hair is a bright chicken yellow colour (hopefully). Don’t despair! You are well on your way to having the beautiful blonde tone you crave!

The next step in going blonde is to tone and treat your hair. You need to inject some moisture back into it after stripping it of natural oils! But, before you condition your hair, it’s time to tone.

I use Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner, which is a blue toned purple cream that you apply all over your bleached locks. You only have to leave this on your hair for five minutes before you wash it out! It’s a great, quick toner! But beware! You will need to use gloves with this product unless you want lovely blue/purple hands!! You also don’t want to leave it on your hair too long! Because the hair is super porous after bleaching, the blue/purple tones will counteract the yellow/orange tones and really make your hair a nice, clean blonde colour. But if you leave the toner on your hair too long it may stay bright blue!


After you have washed your toner out, it’s conditioning treatment time! This is my favourite part :) A great conditioning treatment to use is Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque. I use this once a week and it smells so divine! It also really nourishes your hair and makes it super smooth and shiny! There are a lot of different products from this line, but so far this one is my favourite!

The other, cheaper alternative that I use is Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-damage Mask with Keratin. This stuff works SUPER fast and has great ingredients like keratin to help nourish and repair your damaged hair! It makes my hair super soft and like baby-fine cherub hair. (I think this is a …good thing?)

What are your favourite deep conditioning treatments?

Kate Xx

Review: GHD Heat Protection Spray


I recently received the GHD Heat Protection Spray RRP $24.00 in the August Violet Box, and I was so chuffed. I was not aware that the GHD brand, most well known for their flat iron hair straighteners, also provided hair products as well! I have owned my purple Limited Edition Straightener by GHD since 2008 and it still works fantastically. That’s seven years! Almost a decade! It goes to show that they know their s**t when it comes to hair hardware.

But what about their hair products? Here are my thoughts on the GHD Heat Protection Spray after using it a couple of weeks.

The spray is super light weight, and doesn’t add any weight to my fine hair. To quote Ned Flanders, if feels like you’re wearing nothing at all! It has a non-offensive scent which is a little bit musky, but nothing too over powering. I used this product while blow drying my hair from damp, and also while straightening afterwards. I found that it really helped keep my hair smooth and soft! I sprayed it through my hair (including roots) about six or seven times, first before blow drying, and then again before straightening.

Moving onto the packaging, I found it a great size, it fit into my hand easily. It has a matte black finish on the bottle which I think makes it look glamourous and chic. It sprays the product evenly and lightly, perfect for fine, wispy hair that is prone to fly aways!

Overall, I would say definitely try and get your hands on this product! I think GHD have definitely outdone themselves, and I would repurchase this product! Only good hair days to come after this!

Have you used this product? Do you think GHD are more than just a great hair tool maker?

MAC Russian Red vs MAC Lady Danger






When I first decided to embark on my MAC journey, I knew that I wanted to try two very special lipsticks that are talked about so often. MAC Russian Red and MAC Lady Danger. These two lipsticks are matte and red, though very different shades.

P1090771 P1090775

MAC Lady Danger

This lipstick is described as “a vivid coral-red with a matte finish”. To me, it definitely has orange undertones, but I would describe it as a tomato red. It’s definitely more red than coral, and I would not compare it to many coral lipsticks!

The matte finish is not overly drying, which is great! I will say it’s not particularly hydrating either, but the lipstick applies smoothly and easily. To ensure no dryness is accentuated, I would recommend a lip scrub (like LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub) and a nourishing lip balm (like Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia) to counteract any flakiness.

It’s an amazing opaque lipstick that doesn’t require a great deal of application to get full coverage. Also, because of the smooth, creamy formula, it doesn’t tug on the lips at all. Like most MAC lipsticks that I have come across, there is no flavour, but a slight vanilla scent is present.

I’ve worn this lipstick a couple of times and only had to touch up a little after eating! I would definitely class this as a long wear lipstick.

P1090777 P1090778

MAC Russian Red

This lipstick was actually gifted to me from my sister Megan (and fellow MAC advocate) after she received Russian Red in a lip palette, and I was happy to give it up.  It is described as an “intense blueish red with a matte finish”. I would have to agree, although I do think that it’s not really an INTENSE blueish red.

The matte finish is slightly more drying than Lady Danger, and feels a little dry on the lips during the day. However, it doesn’t bother me so much. As with Lady Danger, I would recommend that lips need to be in tip top shape before applying this lipstick. It does not hide any sins!

It applies fairly opaque but I think it requires more of a heavy hand than Lady Danger does. I believe this is probably due to the formula not being as creamy.

I’ve worn this lipstick quite often and it’s my go-to retro red shade. It definitely reminds me of a pin up girl red, and it is a staple in my collection.

The Winner?

Well, there is no clear winner. Both are amazing red lipsticks as stated above. For wear-ability, I would definitely choose MAC Russian Red. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to wear the colour and goes with pretty much everything. Lady Danger, however, is a little more difficult to pull off.

Have you tried either of these lipsticks? Which is your preferred?

100 Day Spending Ban

Oniomania (from Greek ὤνιος onios ”for sale” and μανία mania ”insanity”[1]) is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shoppingshopping addictionshopaholismcompulsive buying or CBD or Sushma Syndrome.

Oh god. I don’t want to do this. If you don’t know, I happen to love shopping. Especially online. Just a click of a button and something can be mine. But NO MORE. As you may be aware, my partner Shannon and I are planning on moving to Berlin, Germany in about 16 months. This means I need to GET OFF MY BUTT and start saving money! The thing I tend to buy on impulse are:

- Lipsticks

- Clothes

- Food

- Going to the movies

- Shoes

So! After watching Sophie & Jasmine smash their 50 Day Spending Ban, I decided to embark on the 100 Day Spending Ban. This means the following:

Gifts for others on special occasions, existing beauty box subscriptions, beauty necessities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. and one lunch a week (as a treat).

Makeup, beauty, hair and nail products, shoes, clothes, impulsive take out/coffees, movies, music or books!

Some of these are obviously easier for me to give up. For example, I don’t think that I will be going to the movies any time soon. I’ve watched the movies I was itching to see this year already (The Conjuring and Evil Dead).

However, I love buying beauty products. The thrill of a new lipstick, I can’t even. After my latest haul from MAC (it’s going up later tonight!), I decided enough is enough…for at least 3 months or so.

SO WELCOME TO DAY 1! I will try and update as often as possible. Let me know if you are also embarking on this horrid and tortuous journey in the comments below, or tweet me at kateflint89.

Well orange you peachy!

I know, I should stop with puns. But in my opinion it’s the highest form of humour. I once sent ten different puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh.  Unfortunately, no pun in ten did. Ha!

Anywho, onto my colour themed post. Today’s theme is, you guessed it, ORANGE :)


I always used to shy away from the colour orange, especially with makeup! I didn’t think it suited my skin tone. Well, even if it doesn’t suit me, it slowly grew on me to my collection grew and grew. Here are some of my favourites!

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Another Liebster Nomination!!


A huge thank you to Emma from Style And Beauty for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Thought I would do these questions as well seeing as I was nominated.

1. What is your favourite season and why?

I love all the seasons that are on offer, but my favourite is possible spring. I love the colours and fashion that come out with spring. It marks the new year for the fashion world and everything just seems so fresh and new!

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