Collective Haul: Sportsgirl, Priceline, Lush & More!

On July 30, 2013 by Kate

Everybody loves a haul. I love watching hauls because it feels like I have been shopping with the YouTuber or Blogger that I relate with! As such, I thought I would share my latest exploits from my Rockhampton Stockland shopping trip, as well as a couple of online shopping packages I received in the mail (besides beauty boxes of course!)

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My first stop was to Priceline, to pick up items that you cannot find at my local ‘mini’ Priceline (seriously though, what a tease!)

Products from Priceline

Real Techniques Brushes (L - R: Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detail Brush)

First on my list to grab was the Real Techniques Brushes! There was not a lot to choose from as you can imagine, it was almost sold out! I got the Face Brush pack, which includes a Buffing Brush, a Pointed Foundation Brush, a Contour Brush and a Detail Brush. I’ve used these brushes already (I was busting too!) and they are so soft, and a not a great deal of product is left on the brushes like with other brands. I am so happy with this, and is probably my favourite purchase of the day ever!

Bourjois Gel Foundation In #53 Light Beige

Next I made a beeline towards the Bourjois stand. I was keen to get my hands on the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation that I have seen on miss tango 2′s channel. I decided on 53 Light Beige and I am really happy with this formula so far. From the swatch it is very light and so easily blendable. I am looking forward to doing a review on this foundation in the future!

Essence Starlight eyeshadow

Essence Starlight eyeshadow

Swatchy swatchy

Right next to the Bourjois stand was the Essence stand, and goodness, I got a little overwhelmed! They had so much product to choose from and everything was so so cheap. I panicked and bought one item. Does that happen to anyone else? Despite my panic I was able to choose a a lovely pigmented silver colour. Looking forward to doing some radical things with this baby! A tutorial may be in store!

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in 100 Wool Lite

I happened to spot the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish in a lovely light pink colour, and while I had overlooked these previously I thought I would give them a go. I’ve tried this one out and I think it will work better if I use a similar (or contrasting) colour as a base and go from there.

Face of Australia Nail Polish

In the bargin bins (among some suspect looking products) I found this little beauty from Face of Australia. It’s a light lilac colour with glitter amongst it. This looks so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it!

Sportsgirl - Lipsicks x 2 and Dasiy Chain hair accesory

Rose daisy chain hair accessory

It was a little difficult to get everything I bought from Sportsgirl into a picture, so here are a couple of things I bought. This sweet rose ‘daisy’ chain hair accessory is so cute. And yes I realise I am really late to the party with this one. I used to be a bit of a crafter and I thought I would make myself one. Unfortunately, I was also a lazy crafter and it never happened. It was on special so I thought I would just bite the bullet and buy one. I think these are so sweet and very cute for a warm, summery day.

Pout About It Sportsgirl lipsticks (L - R Wanderlust and All About Me)

Swatches - Wanderlust & All About Me

Wanderlust Lip Swatch

All About Me Lipswatch

Next I got two lipsticks from Sportsgirl, which I’ve never bothered looking at before. However, these two colours caught my eye. They both look very similar to colours from Lime Crime. While these are no way near dupes, I think D’Lilac and CosmoPop are very similar to these two colours. While D’Lilac is a great match, i think the Sportsgirl version of CosmoPop is a lot more wearable, as it’s not as bright, but has a really similar peachy tone. Both formulas are a little chalky, and these guys I don’t think are anywhere near as opaque as Lime Crime claims to be. Still, these are a good option for those who don’t want to buy online, don’t have a credit card or don’t want to wait 5 weeks to get your lipsticks!

RAD Beanie

Next from Sportsgirl I got this grey knit beanie with leather embossed letters spelling out RAD. I think this beanie is so funny and cute, definitely for more of my grungier outfits.

Sportsgirl Cobalt Blue Tee

I also snagged the comfiest T-shirt on the planet from Sportsgirl. This amazing blue tee is made from the lightest cotton ever and is so snugly and comfy. I would live in this shirt if I could - a new favourite!

Dotti Cream Knit Shirt

Dotti Cream Knit Shirt

This cream knit shirt is another super comfy tee for the cooler months, and I think the colour paired with the cut and style of this shirt is so chic. I will be wearing this with jeans or leggings, and a cute statement necklace over the next month or so.

Ally Floral Stripe Shift Dress

Ally Floral Stripe Shift Dress

I found this shift dress in Ally, and it is nothing like what I already have in my closet, which is always a plus! The fabric feels such good quality and I feel a little french with the print. Definitely a favourite for a coffee with the girls!

Instyle Australia Magazine: August Edition

John Frieda Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Out Spray for Fine Hair

Normally I try and buy magazines that offer freebies (scuncgy or savvy?) and when I saw the beautiful Asher Kedder behind some John Frieda products on the latest Instyle Magazine, I grabbed it. This also provided reading material for the trip back to Gladstone on Sunday. I am looking forward to trying these John Frieda products because they are formulated for fine hair - which I have. A great steal in my opinion, so I popped it in the haul as well.

Macadamia Natural Oils

Now - this part of the haul was not purchased in Rockhampton. I also regularly order things online, and these guys popped up in the last week or so. I thought I would include them because they are just as important as my other purchases (products have feelings!) This brand is a favourite of Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21) and I was keen to try an alternative to the Morrocan Oil that I love. I’ve tried the deep repair mask three times and the oil a couple of times when I heat-style my hair. I am not using the shampoo, I am giving it to my sister Meggy Elle. I am really impressed with them so far! For a full review, stay tuned in the coming weeks.

Lush Haul

Another online purchase was from LUSH. I purchased bigger bottles of Rehab and American Cream (which I hadn’t repurchased in a while, but dammit I just couldn’t take it anymore!) a new lip scrub flavour that I have tried before - Bubblegum, and a rose and citrus scented bubble bar named Armondopondo. I haven’t tried this before but I’d smelt it at Lush earlier in the year and I made a mental note to order it. Lush also gives out little samples and I received a solid deodorant. Not too sure if I will use it but I will give it a shot. It smells very strongly of patchouli, and I am not sure if I want to smell like a hippy every day.

I left out a couple of things that were included in the video, so if you are interested in seeing more click on the video link earlier in the post! I hope you enjoyed this haul, let me know if you would like to see similar posts to this in the future!

Stay Sassy Ladies Xx


  • sparkle2day

    Wow, what a haul! That Fuzzy Coat nail polish looks great. Don’t forget to show us on instagram when you have it on :D. I like the look of everything, but would really l like to try the Macadamia Oil products.

    • themintedbeauty

      Thanks :) I really hope the fuzzy coat turns out well with another coat underneath. I will definitely try it over the next few days! And the Macadamia Oil products have been fairing very well on my hair - especially considering it can be weighed down easily by products :)

  • Amy (Bubbles and Blush)

    The FOA nailpolish looks funky - but I’d be curious to see how many coats you need. Make sure to let us know! And I’m yet to try the Lush lip scrub but winter is destroying my lips, so would you recommend?

    • themintedbeauty

      I had to do about three thin coats of the FOA nailpolish, it ended up looking quite nice :) Pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t recommend the lip scrubs enough - I use a lip scrub at night (Bubblegum currently as my Mint Julips expired D:) and then slather on Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia. This is really working a treat for the winter time. Be sure to wear a lip balm or butter during the day as well! :) Xx thanks for commenting!