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Over the last week or two I’ve been seeing Beauty Bloggers receive the latest (and greatest?) perfume by Marc Jacobs - Honey.  I haven’t yet smelt Honey, and I am hoping it is featured in a future beauty box. However, while others have been busy lusting after the new scent by Marc Jacobs, I find myself concerned about the forgotten baby sister perfume.

Has everyone forgotten about poor old Dot?

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Dot by Marc Jacobs was released in August 2012. I received a sample of it in one of my previous Lust Have It boxes, and I was smitten! I savoured every last drop from the sample. Once I had used it up, I decided that I would need to use a few more of my other full size perfumes before I buy a new one. After finishing them up, I was able to splurge on the Eau De Parfum of Dot by Marc Jacobs.

The Scent

Marc Jacobs is well known for his amazing floral scents of Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh & Lola. However, Dot is his fruitiest and most fun scent. It has top notes of red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle; heart notes of coconut water, orange blossom and jasmine and base notes of vanilla, driftwood and musk. I wouldn’t write this perfume off as another teeny-bopper fruit scent. Although very fruity, it’s more of an ‘adult’ fruit scent in my opinion. (Sounds a little raunchy doesn’t it?)

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Now, I am by no means an expert on perfume, and I am absolutely rubbish at describing scents. However, I would definitely describe  Dot as a very fruity scent, with just a hint of floral. I can definitely smell the berry scents strongly, and the refreshing scent of dragon fruit (amazing fruit if you can get your hands on it!) and then just the hint of jasmine. The muskier base scents linger on the skin and are prominent towards the end of the day.

The Packaging

Dot is a bright red with black polka-dots, a style that I find quite timeless and elegant. There is something very 50s about this pattern and colours, and I find myself dreaming of Mad Men. (Mmmm Don Draper anyone?) It has a small winged creature with a opalescent centre perching on the top, giving the illusion of a butterfly or ladybird that has stopped by. It really looks amazing on a duchess or vanity, and personally it looks very much at home in my perfume nook.


As a devout Marc Jacobs perfume lover, I constantly wear his perfumes both day and night (yep, I break rules: #yolo). However, I do mostly reserve Dot for the day. It is such a juicy, springy scent that is not quite as alluring or seductive as, say, Lola. This scent is definitely a favourite for Spring & Summer, but I also find myself drawn to it during the Winter as well. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little down and needing a pep up, this is the scent I turn to.


I am a huge fan of Dot by Marc Jacobs. I do feel that she is severely under rated and written off because, at first glance, it does look a lot ‘younger’ than the other perfumes that are on offer. However, I think that the scent is fun, lush and definitely a fruity alternative to Daisy.

Have you tried out Dot by Marc Jacobs? What were your thoughts?


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