Etsy Loves #2 - Wall Decor

Just a couple of wall decor pieces to jazz up your home.

cats watercolour

CATS Watercolour Print by AmyBorrell - $36


succulent planter

Succulent air planter from Kim Fisher Designs - $183.85

Stained Glass Honeycomb Drops

 Stained Glass Honeycomb Drops (set of 10) by BespokeGlassTile - $125.85


Hangry Wall Decor by mybeardedpigeon - $32


Vintage Brass Birds from VintagethatsMintage - $32.83

  • Beth and Beauty

    Awesome art pieces! I need to do a blog post about a painting that I had a very talented lady that goes to my church do for my husband’s birthday present. It is a landscape with a house that looks like his parents house when we first met. Hope you will come check out my collective haul blog post.

    • Kate Flint

      Oh that sounds lovely :)
      Checked out your haul, very nice - I am jelly! Left a comment too :) Thanks for checking out my post as well Xo

      • Beth and Beauty

        You are more than welcome! I really enjoyed your post! Also, thank you for checking out mine too!

  • Caroline

    These are great! I just love the birds.