Going to the Dark Side

When you’ve been blonde or brightly coloured for some time, going brunette can be a challenge. You spend months perfecting your hair to the perfect hue, and cringe when you see those brown roots. Brown = Satan.

But after over a year of blonding, pinking, purpling and everything else in between, I felt it was time to go back to brown. It’s such a mindset that you get into of being blonde that it can be difficult to not only make the choice…but also go through with it! It took me two tries to finally succumb to the dark side ;)

Being brunette has a lot of great perks, including less maintenance, people don’t feel it’s their duty to point out your roots (yes, I am aware I have a vegemite stripe, thanks for notifying me), it’s far cheaper over time and it doesn’t need quite as much pampering between dyes.
 I am loving red lipsticks more, as well as the bronze eye looks and just feeling more comfortable about my appearance in general.

Although I did love those kids yelling out “MUMMY THAT LADY HAS BLUE HAIR” as their mother’s quickly shush them. Heh. :)

For those wondering, I did have to dye my hair red before dying my hair brown. This puts red pigments back into the hair before adding the brunette shade, which can sometimes leave the hair with a greenish tinge if you don’t add the red. Eek!

Have you had any radical hair changes of late?



  • Sarah

    I love the brown! It’s so strange seeing you without a crazy colour but it definitely suits you :)
    You won’t know yourself with the super easy upkeep :P

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • Kate Flint

      It was a huge adjustment for me too! I am loving it though :) Loving the (lack of) upkeep :D

  • http://www.styleontheside.com/ Caroline

    Love, love the brown on you. The first thing I notice (before you even said anything) was how amazing your lips look!

    • Kate Flint

      Thank you lovely! It’s a nice change, I haven’t been this dark since about 2011!

  • http://www.mjvalentine.com MJ Valentine

    Oh dear, the dreaded ‘vegemite stripe’! I am a sufferer of said phenomenon… while it irritates me to no end (especially when I can’t *QUITE* afford to have my roots bleached!) I love my pink hair. I hope I’ll be a tottery old pink granny one day!

    • Kate Flint

      Oh I know right! And then you can’t get an appointment to your regular hairdresser. I ended up doing my roots myself at home with Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde for the most part. Works really well :) Awww I can’t wait to be a crazy old lady with white hair and a blue rinse :D

  • http://www.yourstrulyny.blogspot.com Natalie Y

    You’re like a hair chameleon haha! I love your colourful hair and you just look as gorgeous with brown hair :)


    Truly, NY