The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Nyx Cosmetics

nyx gbuI thought I would try my hand at a kind of collection review. Nyx Cosmetics, named after the Greek Goddess of the night, has recently became available in Australia in Target, and are an awesome, low cost makeup brand. I have found some amazing, fail-safe products in Nyx, and also some not-so-great products.

This kind of thing is bound to happen in every brand. While some of these products don’t work for me, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. It also has no reflection on the brand as a whole. Also, the products that I have placed in the ‘Bad’ category, are in my mind the average products. The ones that don’t wow me, but are just okay :) I wanted a catchy title damnit!

Please note I have included cost prices per Cherry Culture, which has the cheapest available costs for Nyx while still being available for Aussies.

The Good


Jumbo Eye Pencils

These products are awesome dual use eye tools, which you can use as an eyeliner, eye shadow or eyeshadow base. They are super cheap, at only $3.50 from Cherry Culture. I have the shades Milk, Sparkle Nude and Purple Velvet.

I really like using Milk as a base (like every other MUA; this has reached cult status) as it really makes bright colours pop. See further into the post for a swatch.

Left: Sparkle Nude Right: Purple Velvet

Left: Sparkle Nude
Right: Purple Velvet

Sparkle Nude I like to use on my bottom lash line. It can add a real ‘sparkle’ (bwhahaha) to your finished makeup look.

Purple Velvet is awesome to use as upper lash line accent. Looks awesome with autumnal, bronze-y colours.

I am currently coveting Black Bean, French Fries and Rust.

P1100504P1100506Roll-On Shimmer

I only have one of the Roll-on Shimmers in my collection, but I am seriously considering adding some more! At only $4.00 a pop and super easy to use. I currently have Walnut in my collection, described by Nyx as “Iced Mocha with Silver Glitter”. I am excited to try Salmon, Taupe and Chestnut.

My pencil looks so dirty and awful I couldn’t bear to photograph it! Here is a shot from amazon. Pic linked.

Wonder Pencil

A nude eye pencil is a must in any makeup collection, so I chose the Wonder Pencil in Medium. At only $4.50, it applies smooth, creamy and doesn’t tug on the delicate eye area. It can also be used as a nude lip liner or even as a quick fix for a blemish.


Left: Candy Land
Right: Strawberry Jam


Left: Candy Land
Right: Strawberry Jam


Xtreme Lip Cream

These lip creams are amazingly pigmented and super creamy. I picked up Candy Land and Strawberry Jam for $6.50 each. Candy Land is a lighter, blue toned pink, and Strawberry Jam is a darker, cool toned hot pink.

I am currently eyeing off Dolly Pink and Spicy.

The Bad (i.e. The Products that don’t WOW me)

P1100494 P1100495

Mega Shine Lipgloss

I am not a huge fan of lipglosses, so automatically this puts this product in this section. It’s not necessarily a bad product, but I do feel I am a little biased here.

As for the actual product, I have the shade La-la, which is a shimmery medium-pink colour. This lipgloss smells like Cherry Flavoured Medicine. This could be a really bad thing, or a really awesome thing, depending on your taste :) I personally really like the smell.

I do find this particular product a little sticky and uncomfortable to wear, which is why it’s not one of my favourites. I’ve probably only worn this once or twice, so it’s only a matter of time before I chuck it. This one costs $5.50.

P1100511 P1100512Eyebrow Cake Powder

I bought this eyebrow cake powder with high hopes. I really like using it, and it has two colours which would suit most medium to darker brown ladies. The only issue I have with this product is the fact that I live in a hot hot HOT climate. I can’t really test out the wax properly because it literally melts down my face.

This might be a really awesome product, but until I can test it out in cooler weather, I won’t be able to give my expert (ha!) opinion.This retails for $6.00.

Left: Eyeshadow Base Right: Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

Left: Eyeshadow Base
Right: Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

 Nyx Eyeshadow Base

I have this in the shade White, one of three shades available of the eye shadow base. This one is almost like exactly Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, but in pot form. It’s slightly greasier and less matte than the Jumbo Eye Pencil. I also find that this creases a bit more than Nyx Milk. In hot Australian weather, it also tends to feel a bit ‘melty’.

It retails at $7.00, so it is also twice the price of a Jumbo Eye Pencil. Granted, it probably has more product in it, but I think it’s worth just getting two Nyx Milks for the same price instead.


Jumbo Lip Pencils

I was  - at first - quite disappointed with the Jumbo Lip Pencils. I bought these last year in a Cherry Culture haul and really didn’t find them very exciting. They only cost $4.50, so it wasn’t like I was out of pocket to not try them. I only tried them while I started doing reviews for this post, and I have to say - not bad!

They aren’t particularly long lasting, but I tried Burgundy recently and it glided on smoothly and was a beautiful shade for upcoming Fall (in Australia). Touch ups are essential with this one, but I found it a lovely colour to wear.

Honey Nectar is very similar to Candy Land Xtreme Lip Cream, and I don’t think I will be wearing Pink Nude any time soon, it’s far too frosty for me.

The Ugly

P1100507Pore Filler

I was really excited to pick up the Pore Filler for $13.00. Such a massive difference in price compared to benefit POREfessional ($53.00) and claims to do the same thing!

Unfortunately, it’s not the case. The pore filler does blur pores fill in acne scarring very well. But I can not wear this with any other product. It doesn’t work with any foundations, concealers, BB Creams, CC Creams…NOTHING. I’ve tried using underneath foundation, underneath a primer, on top of a primer, on top of foundation, every which way, and I just can’t make it work. It basically makes anything underneath (or on top of it) slide around your face and doesn’t blend in! Super cakey is normally the end result for this :(

Has anyone had any luck with the pore filler? What am I doing wrong? I want this to work!

That concludes my Nyx Collection: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Do you disagree with any of my classifactions? Love a product I don’t? Hate a product I do? Indifferent? Comment down below with your thoughts!

Stay Minty!


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    • Me too! :( It really does not work well, at least for my skin, or the way I am using it. I am still going to hang onto it for Winter time just in case it’s the general temperature of my home…

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