Hair Changes in 2013

I thought I would dedicate a post to my hair colour change, to purple! If you’ve been with my blog for a while, you may have noticed my hair timeline in the last six months. During this time, I’ve kept my hair length fairly simple. Past the shoulders, a little layering, no fringe. Simple and boring.

But when it comes to colour, I have had a bit of fun this year! I stepped out of my comfort zone and I love it!







I started blogging with ombered hair. I fell in love with the look back in 2012 and I had been rocking it ever since. I had my natural hair colour on top with foils through the ends. The best thing about this hairstyle was the upkeep. Slim to none! I little toning every six weeks and I was good!



Bonus Billie for reference

Bonus Billie for reference

After a bit of a orange hair disaster which I DO NOT classify as one of my hair looks (haha) I went bright blonde :) I really love being blonde, I always get the most compliments with this shade of hair. I’ve been told I look similar to Billie Piper (which I get pretty chuffed over) when it is this colour. Obviously upkeep increased but I don’t really mind :)

pastel pink

I then had a brief stint with pastel pink hair. It lasted probably about 2 weeks and I really loved the look. I felt like a little troll doll in this picture! The only thing I didn’t like about this pastel hair was it left me wanting more pink. MORE MORE MOOOAARRR. Hehe.


Enter the Pink Lady. This bright Flamingo Pink hair was the shit. I had some issues with cleaning afterwards (hey, who doesn’t want a pink bathroom?) and I also received some negativity from work colleagues. I was even approached by a manager who stated that if I was to have pink hair I had to keep my roots impeccable. Like… 2 weeks of regrowth would not be acceptable. Is that even legal? I am not sure. Meanwhile there were blondies running around my office with eight week regrowth, but because this is deemed to be more ‘socially acceptable’ it’s all good. /end rant.


Despite the majority of people loving my hair (including my clients) I made the decision to change back to blonde. Frankly I was sick of being talked about behind my back at work, which is a bit sad really. I suppose when you work in an industry that I do, anything remotely scandalous is grounds for continual bullying.

pastel purple


After six weeks of blonde hair, I am ready for another change. I have a month of annual leave beginning on 13th December, which means I have free reign to do whatever I damn well please with my hair again. Freedom baby. I decided on a light pastel purple colour to ease the co-workers into it.



And here we are! My current hair colour in all it’s glory! It’s a nice, blue-toned purple that I think is really fun, and what I thought would be more ‘socially acceptable’ than pink. However, I was pretty wrong, resulting in a lot of continued back-stabbing, whispering and scoffing. Oh well :)

What’s next in store for my hair? I am not sure. What do you think I should do? Play it safe to keep my nosy coworkers at bay? Or should I attempt to shake it up a bit?

Have you ever received negativity towards your appearance, hair or body modifcations? What are your thoughts on being an individual within the workplace?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx




  • Mia

    I can see the resemblance, you look a lot like Billie Piper, especially in the blonde and dark pink pictures! Which is really cool… I think we’ve all received negativity about our appearance, people are really judgmental and personally there are some piercings and things that do look overly unprofessional (very few) but hair color is far more of a personal decision. I love the purple you’ve got in it now and you should do whatever color you like best!

    • Kate

      Yes, I agree that there are lines to be drawn in the sand with certain things. I don’t think facial tattoos or some piercings can be very inviting when you are in an office environment. But something as trivial as hair colour being an issue really grinds my gears hahaha. It’s only hair after all. I shaved part of it off last year (shorn nape undercut) and no one batted an eye, but dye your hair pink and everyone loses their minds! :P Thanks for commenting :) Xo

  • Phyllis Li

    Love the purple and pink hair on you! I’ve always wanted to dye mine pink but never had the chance :*(

    • Kate

      Thank you :) You would look amazing with brightly coloured hair too I think! :) I hope you get the chance to at some point!

  • Christine

    I think the next colour is fairly obvious… mint green! ;)
    But seriously, I like all the styles but the blonde is my favourite.
    Don’t go changing because of workplace bullies though. I’ve worked with people with all kinds of ‘out there’ colours and styles and no one’s ever batted an eyelid. You work with oddballs!

    • Kate

      I think that sounds lovely! Don’t know if my skin tone could pull off that colour but there’s only one way to find out ;) Haha yeah they are a generally older crowd that have a problem with it. I hate to generalise, because my Mum LOVES my bright hair (but then again she has to :P)

  • kariss

    I’ve had brightly coloured hair for about 11 years, I’ve had every colour going, and there is always a certain level of discrimination. Until recently I was working as a tech in theatre so as i was backstage it didn’t really matter so much. However now I have an office job in publishing, I let my hair wash out to blonde for my first couple of weeks then I asked my boss if he minded me going pink. He said not and I guess I’ve been kind of lucky in that sense, but I’ve still had a lot of crap for it. When I came in no one said anything to my face about it which kind of made me feel really awkward about it (hard to explain). Some of the older members of staff literally commented that I looked awful and lots of negative comments towards me, even to other people purposely loud enough for me to hear. It kind of sucks but I deal with it, i’m 25 so it’s not just a phaze, I’m old enough to know what I’m doing. I was at a few big work conferences recently and I am really concous of it then, I guess thats what wis are for! All it comes down to is I know it shouldn’t matter but it does

    • Kate

      Yeah same kind of deal with me! The top boss was like “yeah whatever, I don’t really care” but it’s one manager and then a group of individuals that like to say that it looks awful, or just talk about it loudly to others. If the situation was reversed, and I was loudly bullying others in the office I am pretty sure I would be pulled up on it. I’ve only been brave enough this year to colour my hair bright, but I really wish I did it earlier. :)

  • Abby

    Love all these vibrant colors! You’re so brave to try them out…you really look great with a blonde hair though. Stunning!

    By the way, we’re giving away a GHD hair straightener to one lucky winner. Check it out our blog for more details:

    • Kate

      Thank you so much! I will be sure to check out the giveaway :) xo