Healthy Swaps

I’ve been very naughty in June and July, eating delicious, but unhealthy food throughout the month and avoiding the gym. I made the decision over the weekend as I exited my ‘safe zone’ weight and realized I needed to change! I’ve been trying to keep up the deliciousness of the food and not going too boring (does anyone actually like eating plain carrot sticks?)

I thought I would show you what I have changed my diet from and to (and maybe get a bit of motivation to keep on going!) I am by no means an expert and this food diary is more for bridging the gap and slowly getting better with foods.


I used to be all about the Up & Go’s, especially in Choc Ice - delicious! Until I actually read the back and noticed the nutritional information… In a 350mL box (1 serving) contains 26.6g of sugar!! WHAT! That’s almost as bad as having a can of Coca-Cola for breakfast!

I’ve swapped my easy breakfast for one that isn’t quite as easy, but it certainly fills me up more and I am not sniffing around the snack drawer at 9:30am! I have 1/2 cup Traditional Oats, with Skim Milk and a bit of honey. I’ve also added some fruit in the morning, either a banana or strawberries. I don’t have a coffee in the mornings now (SHOCKING I KNOW) and have a green tea with mint instead.


I am still trying to find a good balance with lunches, as salads just seem so unwelcoming in the Winter time! Over the last few days I’ve been having sushi, tuna, chicken and vegetables, etc. It’s not a perfectly healthy meal, but I was literally eating take out for every single lunch, or a huge pub lunch serving. Not ideal for the waistline!

Top that with having a 600mL coke (either regular or zero - in the end it doesn’t even matter!) and I was having a kJ packed lunch with not many nutrients to feed my body. To curb my soda cravings I’ve developed a taste for soda water, sometimes with a lime wedge squeezed in for some flavour.


Dinner has been a lot easier for me to manage because my lovely partner Shannon and I share the cooking (one day on, one day off) and he is as much into the healthy eating as I am (although his kJ intake has to be a lot higher for gaining muscles). We’ve been researching Paleo Foods for dinner (to cut down on carbs and increase our protein) and it’s been really fun experimenting in the kitchen. We didn’t really eat bad dinners before hand, always had vegetables and protein, but adding a lot of cheese and cream and bigger portions leads to higher kJ intake.


You will be horrified to hear that I snacked on everything and anything I could get my hands on. Working a new job (with a vending machine) has been a learning curve! I was eating chocolates, chips, lollies, anything delicious and innutritious. I’ve now swapped for fruit and nuts during the day, sometimes with a bit of hummus and vegie sticks, and at night I have some dark chocolate and tea after dinner.

I have also completely cut out the sugar additions to my tea and coffees (when I do have them) and replaced with stevia. I’ve also been making protein balls which are lots of fun to make and a great way to get creative with recipes!


I’ve also been using My Fitness Pal as a way of tracking my progress along. If you are on there too, be sure to join me - it’s free!

What are your healthy swaps? Are you on a fitness journey like me? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Chelsea W

    I use the apps MyPlate and MyWater to keep track of everything (it really makes me think twice about indulging, and it is great seeing how many calories you’ve burned!). As far as eating goes, I’m trying to stick to a Paleo diet, but have been on and off it-especially when vacation rolled around ugh! But, I’m getting back in the game and for dinner today had some lovely chicken, a salad, steamed cauliflower & cabbage, and boiled eggs. I’m trying to eat as much protein as I can because my doctor wants me eating the least amount of carbs as possible, and as few sugars as I can, which is why I’m using stevia too (in my tea)! Here’s to progress!

    • Kate Flint

      I will give those apps a look too! :) Paleo is great but I really love cottage cheese, milk in my oats and cheese. I can cut bread easily, it’s just dairy is so delicious! D: Ugh.

      That dinner sounds great, eggs are amazing! I have been having some great dinners lately so I am thinking about posting a couple of recipes. We did a variation of this one last night, you should check it out :)

      • Chelsea W

        I have to admit, I don’t cut dairy completely out. Sure, I like to use milk alternatives like almond and coconut milk (almond milk is my favorite), but I’m a sucker for cheese and yogurt. While I’ve definitely cut down quite a bit on how much I indulge in cheese-it was really almost unhealthy for a while haha-I still have to let myself cheat every now and then. As for yogurt, I think it can be really healthy, especially with the probiotics in it.

        Wow, those chicken fajitas sound great and pretty easy to make! Thanks for showing me that. You should definitely post recipes!

  • Spencre

    I use the map my run app so it helps track both my eating and my exercise! That way on days when I run a lot I don’t feel guilty about all the carbs

    • Kate Flint

      That’s a great way to do it :) I need to get into running again, I just live surrounded by hills so it’s daunting to get started, haha!

  • Christine

    I’ve recently rediscovered my love for bikkies and it’s a slippery slope! After the current pack I have runs out I’m not buying any more as it’s something I just can’t have in the house. It’s too tempting to have ‘just one more’ :(

    • Kate Flint

      It’s easier just to clear out your house from possible baddies. I’ve been experimenting with yummy protein balls and healthy ‘biscuits’ to quell the cravings for their sugary counterparts :)

  • Mandy Webb

    I have not yet started but really should try to get fitter. I have not exercised properly in a long time. My little weak consolation is that I run after kids so that’s my ‘exercise’. I really should get started!

    • Kate Flint

      Looking after children is amazing incidental exercise! Just start logging it and see how much you are burning on My Fitness Pal. If you haven’t check out yet, definitely do! She has great at-home fun workouts :)

  • Anoushé

    I will join you on myfitnesspal! I’ve been using it for 2 years - and while I haven’T really lost weight while using it, I like to know how much I am really eating.. just need to get my portions in check! that’s my main issue

    • Kate Flint

      Portions are hard to get under control! I’m pretty good most of the time and then I end up in a food coma and don’t know how I got there!

      • Anoushé

        Yes! especially when food tastes AMAZING! which is why I made the switch to Paleo/whole foods as well, as I felt I could so much more… :)

  • Carly Jade

    I’m the exact same as you - I snack on everything and anything! We have a biscuit tin at work, and I’m a regular at it! It’s horrendous!

    For breakfast I used to eat a sugary cereal, but I’ve kicked that away for a morning smoothie. I try and put more vegetables in than fruit so I don’t start the day on a sugar high. Lunch I usually just have a sandwich, but in Winter I love home made soups! They’re so easy to make, and you know exactly what has gone in so they’re a lot healthier than shop bought :)

    I love MyFitnessPal too! I only use it occasionally though to track my meals, because it got a bit addictive to play the calorie counting game and trying to not get in the red and I was probably not eating anywhere near enough in the end!

    • Kate Flint

      Home made soups are the best! I love pumpkin soup and vegetable soup so much :) And I agree - they are a lot healthier (and much less salt) than store bought. I know what you mean about Fitness Pal too! I love fruit (probably 2-3 servings a day) and I always end up a couple of grams over in sugar. But at the end of the day, it’s not like it’s refined sugar.. I don’t know. I should probably have more vegetables as snacks I guess! Haha.