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I was lucky enough to receive some amazing goodies from Illamasqua recently, and after using them for some time, I have reviewed the lot for you! I had a fairly good range of products to try from which makes it easier to get a feel for the brand as a whole. Please note I have used US Dollars as it is closest to Australian Dollars :)


I’m the One Collection (minus the lip pencil)* $81.31 USD

I recently reviewed these products in a separate post because I loved them that much! You can read my full review of Throb Nail Varnish, Touch Lipgloss and Maneater Lipstick here.

Nail Varnishes in Throb, Destiny and Swarm* $23.53 USD

I not only received Throb from the Valentine’s collection, but also two eye-catching glitter bomb varnishes as well! Both Destiny and Swarm are glittery, glossy pieces of wonderful.

Destiny is an opaque jelly sandwich finish, so it looks like a plain green nail varnish, until you look closer, or the glitter catches the light. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is available on their site anymore, but if you are dead set on getting your paws on it, I would check out eBay.

Swarm is more sheer with the black glitter being the showcase. I have loved using this over white nail polish for a salt & pepper look.

I haven’t had any problems with chipping with any of these polishes, though I will say that, like most glitter polishes, these can be a bugger to get off your nails!

False Lashes in Lush* $23.53 USD

While these lashes look absolutely freaking amazing, I just can’t pull them off. They are too big and dramatic for my taste, and every time I try to wear them, I feel like I have big ol’ spiders nestled on my eyes.

I think I will be saving these for a costume in the future, because they look like great quality lashes that would last the night!

Fundamental Eyeshadow Palette* $55.17 USD

This quirky eyeshadow palette caught my attention immediately, and I instantly looked up tutorials online to see how best to rock it. As you can see from swatches, the only colour that wasn’t super opaque was the purple, but Nyx Milk fixed that quickly!

Unfortunately for me, as hard as I tried, this did not suit my skin tone at all. I think the combination of the yellow and green really didn’t work with my undertones.

I have since gifted this one to my pale friend and fellow blogger Strawberry Kat, as she has super pale skin with pink undertones, which totally suits this palette colourings. I believe that this palette would work really well for longevity because of the cream shadows included in the palette! After some wear (although it did NOT suit my face) it didn’t crease at all!

Here is the video I watched - this girl looks gorgeous!

Bronzing Duo* $42.19 USD

This brozing duo made it’s way into my daily routine quickly for warming up my nose, cheeks and hairline as well as brushing over my décolletage. This does have slight shimmer throughout, so I wouldn’t be using this as a harsh contour (also on my skin it is a bit too dark for that) but it’s certainly not too orange for generally warming up of the face. It lasts pretty well with my primer/foundation routine throughout the day as well!

Although not all these products suit me, or worked well, I am definitely impressed with the quality and overall feel for the brand. As these were supplied to me, it can be difficult to know who suits what. I will definitely be investing in an eye shadow palette that is more my taste and some blushes in the future.

Do you have any products from Illamasqua?


11 comments on “REVIEW: Illamasqua
  1. I have a few products - mostly lipsticks but I do have some eye and brow products and of course their gel liner. I just love Illamasqua! Great products!

    • I love it too! It also stays really clean because it is high shine. I find the matte black packaging (like NARS for example) incredibly difficult to keep clean!

  2. Oh wow - those lashes are something else!!!

    I’ve never tried any Illamasqua products before but I’ve had my eye on their cream blushes for quite a while now…

    • Oh yes, me too! Those cream blushes are on my wish list, along with the gel liners and possibly a less dramatic set of lashes to try hahaha Xx

  3. The reds are so gorgeous! I’m totally obsessing over those lashes, they are some of the best looking ones I’ve seen.

  4. wowzah, those are some serious lashes!! Haven’t tried anything from the brand, but I’m definitely interested now! Great review!

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