Macabre Monday #26 - Scary Comics

Since I was a kid I’ve loved reading comic books. I had numerous Garfield, Footrot Flats and Calvin & Hobbes comic books that I would read every chance I got. As I’ve gotten older, I got into more serious comics like The Walking Dead. I thought I would collect up the shortest, scariest comics that I’ve found on the internet. PLEASE BE WARNED - although these are comics, you may shit bricks.

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

I am not a person who is obsessed with anime and I never thought that it branched out beyond the regular kind until recently. I came across this partly animated comic and subsequently almost pooped my pants with fear. I am SERIOUSLY warning you that if you are pregnant, elderly, or easily spooked, don’t read this. This is a Korean comic and you will die o_o. Sorry in advance.

His Face all Red

Emily Carroll has a way off making even the smallest movements from frame to frame incredibly creepy. This is just one of her many comics that I love reading.

Are you a comic lover? Did you enjoy these two?

  • Frances CurzonHepworth

    I saw Bongcheon-Dong Ghost before quite a while back, but I loved how it was animated! Pretty scary at first, but so good! :D

    Frankie x

    • Kate Flint

      I wasn’t aware it was animated when I first read it and I pretty much threw my laptop across the room. I’ve only just recently read past those first two animations, I love it! :)