Macabre Monday #32 - Oculus (2013)

Okay! Here is my first Macabre Monday for a little while :) I recently reviewed Absentia (2011) written and directed by Mike Flanagan, and I was simply blown away. When I discovered that he also made Oculus, I realised I had to watch it. I had seen the trailer previously, and to say the least, I was unimpressed. It doesn’t do Flanagan’s film any justice. I originally thought that it was ‘just another haunted movie’ with a basic plot line and some badly thought out ending. Boy, was I wrong.

You know from the beginning that it is going to be a scary movie, but for the majority of the movie, you are simply filled with dread (a similar feeling to how Absentia made me feel) despite nothing really happening. Something is just off. The music plays a huge part in this, as it does in Absentia.

I don’t want to give too much away about this film, but basically, there is a Haunted Mirror, that two twenty-somethings are trying to ‘kill’ after some experiences in their youth. Is the mirror really haunted, or is it all in their heads?

It reminds me a lot of 1408, a movie based on a novella by Stephen King. If you liked that film, you will love Oculus.

I hope I’ve peaked your interest enough to watch this movie! It has some amazing actors involved (sidenote: the leading lady is gorgeous - I love her hair!), super dread filled moments and some unexpected twists and turns that you never thought would happen. I tip my hat to Mike Flanagan. I can’t wait until his 2015 film, Somnia. He really is an artist in film making.

If you can’t get enough of Oculus (2013), be sure to watch the short film Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with a Plan (2006). Be sure to watch this short film after Oculus (2013). It doesn’t add much to finding out more about the mirror, but if you had an appreciation for the full film and Mike Flanagan’s work in general, it will definitely be worth your while.

Have you seen Oculus (2013)? Let me know what you thought so we can fan girl together ^_^



  • Frances CH

    I can always rely on you to fill my scary movie needs! Really tempted to watch this tonight, however I’m home alone so not sure if that’s such a good idea! Great post - can’t wait till the next one :)

    Frankie x

    • Kate Flint

      Haha not sure if that’s a good idea! I watched it alone and I was peering around corners and making sure all the lights were on all night :P Hope you enjoy! X

  • Chelsea W

    I’ve been hesitant to watch this film for exactly the reasons you pointed out, but now you also have me curious about maybe giving it a try after all-especially with any dread-filled moments.

    • Kate Flint

      You will love it! Completely different to how you think it is going to be. I don’t know who ‘directed’ the trailer but they did a rubbish job :P

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