Macabre Monday # 7 | The Poughkeepsie Tapes: Review

If you are a lover of horror like I am, you have probably watched most of the ‘blockbuster’ type horror and thriller movies that usually feature in theaters. The likes of Evil Dead, The Conjuring, Insidious and Sinister graced our screens in 2013, and they certainly satisfy most. But occassionally you crave a scary, creepy movie when there are NONE available in the cinemas. Or perhaps you want something a little darker than what can be provided by high budget horrors.


Enter The Poughkeepsie Tapes.


I am a huge Reddit fan (note: try to join Reddit when you don’t have deadlines, assignments or exams to attend. Your social life will also probably end, and you will find yourself saying “Oh yeah, I saw that on Reddit” on an almost daily basis. You’ve been warned.) and it was there where I found The Poughkeepsie Tapes, arguably my favourite horror movie.

This movie is only able to watch on YouTube at the moment, and was released in 2007. It is a mockumentary on murders that take place in New York state (where the town Poughkeepsie is) and investigators find hundreds of VHS tapes detailing murders, torture and fetish porn (including balloon fetish, lol). It details different interviews with detectives, psychologists, family members’ victims and police. They discuss the murderers M.O. , his tactics he may have used, his psychological thoughts and basically just how good this guy is at killing people.

It also shows snippets of videos in (presumably) a chronological order. It has a pretty poor quality of footage (as most found-footage type movies use) but I really think this adds to the movie in general. It feels as though you really are watching a real documentary.

This film is rated R18+ in Australia, so make sure you are old enough to watch it before jumping onto YouTube and scaring yourself silly!

The film also doesn’t star any actors that are popular, which I think really adds to the atmosphere (although I did spot an actor that was in The Santa Clause opposite Tim Allen - hehehe!). I don’t believe it was ever released in theaters, definitely not in Australian theaters.

Watch with caution, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, although I think it is pretty tame gore-wise, it certainly sends a chill through you :)

  • Chelsea W

    Whoa, can I just say I am so giddy that you have a “Macabre Monday?” …I might have to steal that hehe.

    OK, so, I saw this movie some years ago and it The part where he’s walking around on the ground like an animal…ugh. I think, too, I just have this whole thing with masks. It probably generated from Texas Chainsaw, if you want to call a human face a mask…

    Great post! Makes me want to watch a mockumentary tonight!

    • Kate

      Haha that’s all good - just link back to my blog at some point :P

      I actually saw the gif of that scene where he is walking around like an animal with a mask on his head. It’s fantastic - I don’t think it gets nearly enough credit :)

      Haha ah Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one of my favourites. Saddest part was when Leatherface made a mask out of her boyfriends face :(

      Thanks for commenting :) I saw on your blog that you love horror too, we should do some joint posts or something at some point! Xo

  • Macabre Moon

    I want to see this but I keep on forgetting about it :D I like similar horrors very much!
    And Reddit is too addictive and evil (and I totally love it :D)

    • Kate

      Haha you are certainly correct about reddit. I don’t think there are many days when I don’t log on :\

      Definitely check it out! If you can recommend me any good horrors to watch send me an email! :)