Macabre Monday #9 - Favourite Creepy Stories

Something I love to do is to read spooky stories, more like short stories than novels. It can be tiring, or boring to just watch scary movies, and a short creepy story can sometimes be more satisfying and terrifying than a movie or short clip. The imagination is a wonderful, frightening thing! I thought I would share some of my favourite stories with you today!

Please be warned that these stories are SCARY and sometimes a little gruesome. Leave the lights on, I won’t judge! There also may be images below that can be upsetting to some. Proceed with caution guys :*

1. Russian Sleep Experiment 

This was the very first creepypasta I ever read and thought it was real! I assure you it’s not :P It follows a study of putting some people into a Big Brother type environment and forcing them to stay awake. The results are terrifying!

2. Tulpa

The Tulpa is when someone visualises a double of themselves in their head, and try to ‘bring them to life’. A great story that makes you think about the brain’s capabilities.

3. Anasi’s Goatman Story

One of the scariest and creepiest stories that still haunts me to this day. It starts off green texting (4chan) before moving onto classical story writing, which makes it seem as though it could be real. This is a long one too, but well worth the read.


This creepypasta comes with the above photo that creeps me out terribly. Proceed with caution.

5. The Internet Story

This is actually a YouTube clip but is super creepy. It’s not actually true, so just ignore the part where it says it’s true :p

Send me links to your favourite creepy stories! Because I need more things to keep me awake at night!

Merry Christmas from the Krampus!

Kate Xx

  • triedandtestedblogger

    These sound pretty interesting and some scary as well and I dont get scared easily! I think a lot of it has to do with whether or not someone keeps thinking about it because it’ll probably work into their minds and they’ll end up scaring themselves!

    • Kate

      Yeah pretty much! The goat head man always makes me scared silly. I read it again today and oh dear.

  • Chelsea W

    Great list! Hadn’t heard about The Tulpa one.

    If you haven’t already, look up The Rake.
    Ugh! Freaks me out…every time I hear a scratching noise…

    • Kate

      *shudders* Yuuup I know about The Rake. That’s another good one I had apparently blocked from my memory o_o lol.

  • simmie

    Im not sure whether my previous comment posted so I’m writing again haha!
    I absolutely love weird stories like this, I think I’ve find my new blogging best friend haha!
    The Russian sleep experiment interested me so much, such a crazy story!!
    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, I hope you have a fabulous Christmas doll! :)


  • Charlotte

    I know this post is a few weeks old now - but I saw this on a website, reddit, and thought you’d enjoy it and add any movies you haven’t seen to your list.

    • Kate

      Thanks Charlotte! I love reddit, it’s a great post! I will save it so I can look at downloading some I haven’t seen! Xo