Macabre Monday #22 - Best Short Horror Stories


Some of you may know that I am an avid redditor, and love finding new creepy subreddits to explore and find amazing content in. If you aren’t a redditor, it is basically a website about everything, and it is run by the community. There is a subreddit for literally everything. One of my favourite subreddits to browse is /r/shortscarystories. Community members share their short stories in less than 275. It’s a great way to get a quick, creepy fix and they are much shorter than creepypastas.

I decided to link you to my favourite short scary stories to share the love :) Please be warned that some of these short stories may be triggering or unsettling (obv.) Read with caution and enjoy the ride!

My Daughter Learned to Count by RealScience87

He Stood Against my Window by sabethook

I hate it when my brother Charlie has to go away by horrorinpureform

Museum of Death by socklayblue

6 Little Children by Vincent_VenaCava

1001 by CasebyCase

My new doggie! by RatFink333

Practice Makes Perfect by whiteddit

Going Beyond by wicked_games

Moving by jmvyper

Hope you enjoy reading some of favourite short horror stories, and I apologise for any nightmare fuel :P

Stay Spooky!

Kate Xx

  • Chelsea W

    Wow, the Museum of Death one had to be my favorite! I shared it with a friend and he agreed that it was chillingly good.

    • Kate

      The writers that submit their short stories to reddit are amazingly talented. So many unique ideas and concepts!

      • Chelsea W

        Your posts have really made me want to start getting on reddit more

        • Kate

          Just remember to put your life on hold - it consumes you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you :P

  • Lisa Powell

    Wow! I’ve never really got reddit but I can see me spending A LOT of time on it now!

  • Dani

    Im obsessing over these stories and this site!
    I love this post!!! Ps the pic is super scary love it!

    • Kate

      These are only my top 10, there are heaps of short scary stories being uploaded all the time!! Glad you enjoy! :) Xx