Mintmas Day 5: Summer Essentials

Although it might be getting chilly up in the Northern Hemisphere, us Southerners are feeling the heat this December! It’s been hitting highs of around 35-38 degrees celcius where I live this month, so I think it’s time to share my favourite Summer Essentials!


Summer Essentials


Summer Essentials by kate-flint featuring Kate Somerville

A bikini is essential. Whether you are near the beach, at the pool or just need to clean the house, a bikini is the perfect thing to wear in Summer :) I live in my Haviana Thongs in Black  daily, they are the easiest thing to slip on as you leave the house, just beware of the thong tan! Sunscreen for the face and body are must haves. Frankly, if you don’t try to protect your skin and ‘try to get some colour’ you are an idiot. End of story. Also, throw on a cute straw hat and protect yo’self. #slipslopslap Actually, I think they added #wrap to slipslopslap. As in wrap some sunglasses around your face.

Foundation can look a little heavy on super duper horrific hot days, so I love using a bb cream instead. The Dream Pure BB by Maybelline has great coverage without being cakey :) A lip butter is also super easy to wear on a hot summer day instead of a lipstick, so I love Korres Lip Butter in Pomengranate - it gives you great moisture with a pop of colour.

What are your Summer Essentials?


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  • Kariss Ainsworth

    I still can’t get around the fact that It’s hot there at Christmas!

    • Kate Flint

      I literally cannot wait until I experience a White Christmas! I’ve been waiting for the day since childhood!

  • Style On The Side

    Sold! I will take them all including a ticket south!