Mintmas Day 7: Going Makeup Free

Don’t get me wrong. I love makeup. I love the way it makes me feel confident, I enjoy being creative on a daily basis and it makes me feel girly. But it’s good to have a break.

I normally hate leaving the house without makeup. It’s not like I only put makeup on for other people, but I tend to feel undone and ‘scrubby’ without at least a little makeup on. Which is stupid really. (Most) men don’t wear makeup and still look normal. But this cartoon really sums it up for me.


I am definitely someone who looks ‘sick’ without makeup. Whether it’s because people are used to seeing me with makeup, or I just have that kind of face -_- I don’t know. This Sunday, I didn’t wear makeup. I mean nothing. I put on moisturiser with SPF and that’s it. I didn’t fill in my brows, I didn’t conceal the massive pimple I have on my right cheek, I didn’t curl my eyelashes and I didn’t even wear coloured lip balm. Mind blowing I know. It’s the first time I left the house without a speck of makeup on my face, mainly because I like to put on brows and cover pimples with concealer at the very minalmist least.

The world didn’t come to an end (well actually, Shannon and I just finished Season 4 of Supernatural, so it did end). No one particularly paid any attention to me, I went out for a quick shop and didn’t curl up into a ball of embarrassment.

Not putting on makeup doesn’t make me lazy, or ugly. It means I am human, a woman and normal. I feel like I should do this more often. What are your thoughts?

How often do you go without makeup?


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  • Shahrzad Saednejad

    What a great post! If I’m popping to the shops on a Sunday I won’t wear makeup simply because I feel I’m wasting it on a nothing day. I do feel naked without it but I tell myself who really cares right? I for sure feel my most confident with my makeup on but I’m not going to let the public make me feel insecure. Embrace you natural self :)

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks for commenting :) I agree, I think it’s empowering not to wear any. I need to make a habit of doing it more often :)

  • KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    I actually hardly ever wear makeup! If I’m working in the office I do but for most of the year I work in the bush so goodbye makeup! And it’s amazing how liberating it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing makeup but I also love the freedom of not having to put anything on, it’s makes me feel a lot more confident when I have the choice to wear makeup or not.

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    • Kate Flint

      You have such lovely skin anyway Dani! :) The thing that always makes me feel self conscious is acne scarring :( I have a lot of it!