Moving Spring Pastels into Fall

Spring is all about pastel colours. Mint greens, lavender purples, daisy yellows and peachy oranges are vast and well-loved in my wardrobe. However, when the weather turns cooler, we often think we can’t wear our beloved, bright and cheery fashion choices.

After recently dip-dying my blonde hair with a lilac hue, I was super excited at the prospect of incorporating an otherwise Spring Trend into my fall wardrobe and makeup routine! Here are some of my ideas for incorporating paler, spring colours with fall trends!

Spring Pastels for Fall
Spring Pastels for Fall by kate-flint featuring ankle socks

Dusty Rose/Blush

One of the easiest ways to don a pale pastel colour in Autumn is by way of dusty rose, also known as blush. A beautiful blush dress (like the one pictured above) is incredible for Spring. Transform it into your Autumn wear by teaming it with a soft, grey cardigan and a dark berry scarf. Keep it cosy with some taupe, suede ankle boots, with cream socks to keep those feet warm!

Mixing Shades

When I dyed my hair tips pastel purple, the first thing I noticed was how amazing my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick was complemented. Southern Charmed Blog mentioned it on Instagram as well, so I wasn’t alone in my thoughts! Fall and Winter is known for it’s beautiful, dark purple and berry tones, so it is only natural that the lilac and lavender colours look so tied together.


Mixing Fall & Spring Colours

A great way to wear your favourite spring pieces throughout Autumn and Winter is to mix and match with some fall colours to help balance the colour palette, and avoid looking like you walked off the Wizard of Oz set.

Some great colour mixes are:

Coral & Khaki

Coral and Khaki

Mint and Purple

Mint and Purple


Sky Blue & Mustard
Sky Blue & Mustard by kate-flint featuring gauze scarves

Sky Blue and Mustard


 It’s okay to break some ‘rules’, they are meant to be broken!

Are you one to adhere to ‘seasonal rules’?

Stay Awesome!

Kate Xx