Nearly Nude Lips




I am only a recent fan of the nude lip, because I didn’t think that they suited me all that well. What I have learnt over time, is that I just hadn’t found the right nude lip for me. You can’t really choose a nude lip without seeing how it is going to look on you, and because everyone’s skin tones are different (even ever-so-slightly) it can be hard to know just from a blog post. Still, I thought I would share my experiences to let you know of the products that worked for me! I used to think of a nude lip as a pink tone, but because I have a warm based skin tone, a true nude lip is more like a beige colour.


L’Oreal Color Riche Made for Me Naturals in 235 Nude - Blondes - RRP $25.95  4.2g


Chic, gold packaging, which is signature to L’Oreal products. They have stamped the number 235 on top of the tube which is handy, but I feel a little disappointed because it’s not very attractive looking in my lipstick holder!


The color tone of this lipstick is more brown than pink toned, but I really think it’s a wearable shade. It has a creamy finish, with a very slight frostiness. I will also mention that like all the Color Riche lipsticks by L’Oreal, it has a definite ‘makeup’ scent. It doesn’t really bother me all that much, but best to mention it :)

Additional Thoughts

I don’t feel like an old lady or like I am Drewe Barrymore circa 1996 in Scream (although if I did, I wouldn’t even be mad) :P Even though I am not a natural blonde, I really REALLY love this lipstick :)


Rimmel London Apocalips in Nude Eclipse - RRP $15.95 5mL


The Rimmel London Apocalips range has been reviewed almost to death I feel! Even so, here we go. It has a doe foot applicator with a slight indent to pull out just the right amount of product for your lips. It has a black tube which fades into the colour of the lip laquer, which makes it easy to spot in your collection. A gem-cut detailed lid makes it stand out from other lacquers.


True to the Rimmel Apocalips range, this lip lacquer is super glossy and this colour really blanks out my lips. I find it pretty long wearing, although not as much as the brighter shades such Stellar and Apocalips in this collection.

Additional Thoughts

This is the BEST lip lacquer to pair with a smokey eye. Not a look I embrace often, but it is perfect for nights out! Plus you don’t need to touch up your lipstick as much with nude lips, which is great for the lazy time-efficient people like myself!


Australis VelourLips Matte Lip Cream in Pa-Ree - RRP $6.95 10mL


A clear tube shows off the color of the Lip Cream so it’s easy to spot among your other lip products. The font on the bottle is pretty cute, and kind of reminiscent of Sweet Valley Twins to me. I can just imagine Jessica Wakefield making a Unicorn Club sign with that font, all while wearing the signature colour of purple lipstick. Le sigh!


The colour of this nude shade is a bit different to the other nude lip shades I own, because it has a slight purple undertone to it. It really looks beautiful applied, and the only issue I can see with this one is the fact that it is a matte lip cream, which isn’t for everyone. It has been known to become uncomfortable for some people as it dries, although I don’t really mind it at all.

Additional Thoughts

This one really smells like Wonka’s Nerd lollies. Delicious! You can also transform the matte lip into a glossier version simply by adding a clear lip gloss over the top. Easy!

Although my nude lip product collection is quite small, I find these will keep me happy for a while!

What is your fool proof nude lip shade?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

  • Melissa

    I’m really curious about the Rimmel Apocalips. They’ve been a huge deal this year, but for some reason I simply haven’t given them a try yet. Shame on me haha. This nude colour looks great though!

    • Kate

      They were a massive deal! Australia has also just released new colours that were previously only available in the UK - Big Band - which is the perfect red, and out of this world, another pinky shade. Looking forward to trying them out :)

  • Harine

    Love the Loreal one :)

    • Kate

      Me too! I have been wearing it to work A LOT.