Time Makes Fools of us All | New Year Resolutions Update

On June 13, 2014 by Kate
At the beginning of 2014

At the beginning of 2014

It’s been six months since I reevaluated my life and wrote out my New Year Resolutions with the rest of the world. We start the year with such effervescence and determination that this year will be the best year yet. Then life gets in the way, celebrations ruin our plans for healthy eating and less drinking, work ruins our plans for more catch ups with friends and life just happens.

I like to revisit my resolutions mid-way through the year to re-motivate myself and see how well I have done in getting my year to be the best year yet. After looking through my previous post New Year Resolutions | 2014 I think I have been working towards a couple of resolutions steadily, but some others definitely need some fine tuning! Here is a run-down of how I’ve gone throughout the year!

1. Eat better and exercise more. While I certainly haven’t been a saint by ANY MEANS I am definitely doing a lot more of this compared to 2013. That counts for something right?

2. Blog/Vlog more. Blogging - yes, vlogging - no. I have moved away a bit from YouTube, I really got sick of setting up everything all the time, batteries running out on the camera and just not wanting to film. I am giving it a break for the next couple of months so don’t expect to see me popping up in your subscription list. If the mood strikes me though I might film a couple of things.

3. Keep Tidy. My partner will tell you I am the messiest person ever, and he is right. I’ve really tried hard to keep things a little tidier, but the messiest reigns true. Sorry Shannon!

4. Friends and Family. I would still love to see more of my family and friends, everyone is super busy in 2014! I do make an effort to catch up with my friend Sally at gym, Jacqui & Kelly for horror movies and making a conscious effort to visit my parents and sisters, but still not as often as I would like.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. After changing jobs, I am much less stressed than I was in January! I have an amazing team of people to work with and the company is so nurturing. My stress levels are way down, and I love it!

6. Save all the money I can and don’t overspend! Hahahahaha. *sob*

So, while I feel I am on the right track, I think there is definitely room for improvement!

June 2014

June 2014

What were your new year resolutions? Are you sticking to your goals?

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