BEAUTY BLACKLIST: The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Balm

Please note, this new series of Beauty Blacklist are just for products that don’t work for me. We may have different allergies, intolerance to ingredients, skin types and many more factors. Please don’t be disheartened if a product makes it to this list. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad product - just not right for me personally. I also have nothing against these particular brands, and for the most part, I will have other products within the brand (and sometimes even the product line!) that I will love to pieces.

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OK! This is the first of my Beauty Blacklist series, and I will hopefully not have too many of these types of posts in the future! As you may have seen in my haul, I recently picked up The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Balm. I had seen some rave reviews and wanted to try it for myself! A quick glance over the label (ALL SKIN TYPES - YES!) and a quick chat to the consultant and I was a happy clam. I enjoyed using the cleansing balm over the next week and a half with little hesitance.


ENTER: Face Demons. Many of them. I am talking about ten huge cystic, sore pimples and about three white old white heads coming along for the ride. Da fuq!

After a little cry and some extensive research on Caroline Hiron’s blog Beauty Mouth (my skincare goddess that I pray to) I discovered that this product is unlikely to work for acne prone skin. I will link her specific post here, but here is a quote from her website which was the key reason in why this didn’t work for me.

There is no mineral oil in any of them, but there is a ‘synthetic wax’ in this version from the Body Shop - along with shea butter in an ethylhexyl palmitate* base making it a complete no-no for acne/combination skin.

Now, I had been going in with a second cleanse, and trying to make sure that it was all off my skin, but it still did not agree with me at all.

My lovely sister Coco does not have acne prone skin, so she is going to patch test it on her skin to see if there is any reaction. Hopefully not and she will have a great new cleansing balm to try out.

This is my post to spread the word, and ask my readers as well! Have you used this product, and how have you found it? Do you have any products that are on your beauty blacklist?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx


  • Lou

    oh Love Caroline Hirons! My skin has never been better since reading her blog! I have similar skin to you, reactive and acne prone, so awful to have that happen, I feel your pain! I have used and repurchased both the Emma Hardie and the Alpha-H cleansing balms, love them both and would recommend. Lou xo

    • Kate

      It’s such a wonderfully written blog, I recommend her to everyone! I am excited to try both of those brands! Good to hear that they are perfect for our skin type :)

  • Mandy Webb

    Sorry for the comments but I’m just hanging round here for a while today. I had to come read this; I think it’s great for bloggers to have a series on products that don’t work for them as well. It’s just being honest, isn’t it? There’s no way all products can work for a person. At least, they’d all be on some kind of range (Really love it vs Meh vs Not good etc.) Love your work, lovely!