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After years of battling with pencils, considering brow gels and boxing with brow powders, I have finally found a fool proof way to ‘do’ my eyebrows. I thought I would walk you through my routine, as I can now say I like how my eyebrows are looking and can say with gusto - YO! MY BROWS ARE KIND OF LIKE SISTERS NOW! Well maybe half sisters, but hey, they share some of the same gene pool!

So let’s start with my ‘natural’ brows. Here (below!) I am starting with less than preened eyebrow hair. Nothing too terrible, I try not to let them get all Jim’s Dad on me by maintaining every week, or at least fortnight if I am terribly busy. I pluck any stray hairs that are obviously out of place and setting up their camp in a strictly non-camping zone.




I generally stick to the basic rules that we have all heard. Especially this diagram, which anyone having trouble with their brows probably despises seeing, I know I do.


After weeping a little and contemplating how I ended up with such deeply-rooted brow hairs (I suspect some kind of jinx or hex) I then consider their length. You heard me. If my brow caterpillars are becoming baby Rapunzels keen for Prince Charming to climb their lovely lengths, I CHOP THEM WITH NAIL SCISSORS. (Gee this sounds awfully violent)P1100049



Simply by brushing them up with a spooly brush, I can slightly go through and trim them down to a respectable length. I try not to trim them too short, because it can disrupt the natural line of the brow (ie. yo’ get patchy brows gurl).

Now that I have two half-sisters instead of two third cousins, it’s time for a…*drumroll*…




I never thought that I would love using a brow template, but I have to say, these have CHANGED the way I do my brows forever. They give such a flawless, polished look. And are criminally easy, and cheap! I bought mine from eBay, which came with six templates to choose from (I use the one that is closest to my natural shape) all for $3.



Please excuse my face and hair. No makeup and bed hair - keepin’ it real! ALL YOU NEED IS BROWS!

It is as easy as pie. Actually easier than pie if you think about it. Pies are difficult to make sometimes. You simply place the template over your brow, following your natural line, and fill in with a brow powder close to your brow hair colour with angled brush. I always go with MAC Charcoal Brown, but sometimes MAC Omega if I am feeling it, which isn’t often.

How do you do your brows? I’d love to hear!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx


4 Thoughts on “Eyebrows | My Routine

  1. Susannah on November 23, 2013 at 3:44 PM said:

    Well hello Kate. Great brows. I’ve never used a template, I thought I wouldn’t be able to find one to suit me, maybe I’m wrong. I just use a matte dark brown eyeshadow, the RT brow brush for the main part of the brows, and a thin liner brush for the outer tips. If find brow gels kind of crispy and uncomfortable, but occasionally use a wax for hold. Most days just the powder though. Good post! Have a great weekend :D sparkle2day.com

    • The templates I bought came with a bout six I think, so there was definitely a few to choose from, and it really takes the guess work out of doing brows (plus gives you a really nice clean line I think) :) Hope you have a great weekend too! Xo

  2. triedandtestedblogger on November 23, 2013 at 9:51 PM said:

    Great post! I am so bad at doing my brows, I only ever fill them in when i go to a special event or big party! But i have naturally dark brows so I kind of think i can get away with it but filling them in wont hurt. One thing I’ve never done is trim my eyebrows, I didnt even know it was a ‘thing’!!

    • I think because I used to play hockey, and copped a couple of balls to the brow, I have scarring and sparser hair in areas, so I feel pretty uncomfortable without my brows on! I didn’t know about trimming eyebrows until a beautician did it for me and changed the way my brows look completely! :) Xo

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