Macabre Monday #6 | My Favourite YouTube Documentaries

So I am taking a different route for today’s Macabre Monday. As someone who is incredibly interested in crime solving, creepy events and just generally learning a little more about the world around us (Yeah Science Bitch!) I thought I would share some of the most interesting YouTube Channels where I watch documentaries. I used to be kind of embarrassed about watching documentaries because people would say I was nerdy and why wasn’t I normal, etc. I got over this after a while and am completely proud of being interested in expanding my knowledge. Not trying to be all intellectual on you, but you can be interested in makeup, beauty and fashion, while still being informed and interested in learning. Let’s break some stereotypes shall we? :)

1. The Brain Scoop

One of my absolute favourite YouTube channels to watch is The Brain Scoop, which follows Emily, a sassy and smart chick who works at museums and basically shows the cool science-y stuff she gets to do at work. The linked video is one of the most popular called “Gutting the Wolf”, which is Part Two of skinning and gutting a wolf for a museum. I wasn’t able to embed the first video, but it will at least take you to the channel and give you a taste (yeesh) of museum life. Each episode gives you a gross-o-metre so if you are faint of heart, you can bypass, but still watch the less gory episodes :) I think Emily is so hilarious and informative, and really gets you excited about learning.


2. H.B.O. Presents “Autopsy”

This is a documentary series that aired on H.B.O. about various serial killers, and how scientists use autopsies to help solve crimes, especially cold cases. I find it so interesting about the information they can find out just by examining a body, including things like insects, food consumed (and how digested said food is) and general blood splatter/body afflictions. It’s a messy job, but the fact that these people can stop serial killers from hurting any more people means I have great respect for them.


3. ‘Born to Kill’ Series

One of my favourite documentary series on Serial Killers. (Does this make me a serial watcher of serial killer serials?) This shows the workings behind how they found out murders were being committed, and interviews with the people that knew these killers best. It shows that in every case, no one is ‘born to kill’. There are certain events that happen to people that can trigger these events to happen, and it can help those in the future for seeing the signs of them, and help stop future killings. This particular documentary is about Dennis Nilsen, one of the most calm serial killers I’ve watched a documentary on. He always maintains complete control, which is incredibly chilling.


I hope you enjoy finding some new documentaries to watch. Let me know your favourite docos to watch so I can watch them too!


Kate Xx

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