The Christmas Tag

Kat from Kitsch Snitch tagged me for The Christmas Tag, and I am so excited to do it! I am gearing up for the festive season on overdrive, and this should satiate my needs :P

What’s your favourite holiday movie?
Probably a Disney video that my parents bought on VHS in the 1980s. It had about five different Disney shorts including The Small One and Pluto’s Christmas Tree. Here are the YouTube links to check them out if you are interested! I try and watch them every year :)
What’s your favourite Christmas colour?
Uhh I don’t really have a favourite Christmas colour..they seem to appear year round :) This year I am loving white for the festive season though.
Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?
My goodness! Of course Christmas Day! People open them on Christmas Eve??? Why am I only learning this now!?
What’s your favourite winter fragrance?
It’s Summer here in Australia but my favourite perfume of late has (still) been Alien by Thierry Mugler :)
Favourite Christmas smell?
Oooohh so many :) I love pine tree smells (my parents get a real tree every year, no joke), rum balls,  rum balls,  candy canes, roast pork, gingerbread, did I mention rum balls?
What’s your favourite holiday drink?
I have to agree with Kat here and say alcohol :P
Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Favourite Christmas song?
I have a special place for Jingle Bell Rock (and yes I always try to incorporate the Mean Girls choreography)
Have you ever made a snowman?
Nope :( I’ve only seen some sludgy snow on the side of the road in New Zealand. I have, however, made plenty of sandmen :)
What is most important to you about the holidays?
Seeing my family, enjoying a nice cold beer and staying cool! Also giving presents to my nearest and dearest of course!Feel free to do this tag yourself, but I also specifically tag the following (I tried to keep them different from Kat’s choices, they know I love them!)

Sarah from More Than Adored

Sophie from Born To Buy

Michelle from Beauty Life Michelle

Amy from Bubbles & Blush

Hannah from Banana Beauty


Have fun ladies! Don’t forget to link back to my blog too! :)

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

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3 comments on “The Christmas Tag
  1. I definitely remember watching Pluto’s Christmas Tree.

    And the Mean Girls dance is just iconic. You would be crazy to forget that one. haha

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