Macabre Monday # 8 | Under the Sea

There is certainly a great deal of fear around the world about the ocean. Considering it covers approximately 71% of the earth, this is probably terrifying to some. Only 2% of the ocean’s depths have been explored by man to this day, which means we probably know more about our whole solar system than what is contained on our own planet. I’d like to say that I love the ocean and enjoy beach days, fishing and swimming. But lurking in the dark depths are some of the world’s creepiest and terrifying creatures. Here at the scariest I have found in my research!

Goblin Shark

This shark has a strange, long nose which gives it the appearance of a creepy goblin from Lord of the Rings. Not only is it quite unattractive, it has protrusive jaws which dart out to catch prey. Yeesh! These are found in deep water and can grow up to 3.8 metres long.

Japanese Spider Crab

Although I very much enjoy eating mud crabs (yum yum) I might pass on eating this one. It looks like the opposite would happen! Growing up to 3.6 metres, the Japanese Spider Crab looks like something out of an alien movie rather than found on our planet! They feed on animal carcasses on the sea floors near Japan and can live for up to 100 years!


Frilled Shark

This particular shark reminds me of something I would see in a dinosaur book! It looks incredibly prehistoric to me! There isn’t much yet known about the Frilled Shark, but some scientists speculate that it bends it’s body and lunges forward like a snake to devour it’s prey.

Nomura’s Jellyfish

Growing up to 2 metres in diameter and weighing up to 200kg, this jellyfish resides primarily near China and Japan. I am not a fan of regular sized jellyfish, so coming face to face with one of this monsters is NOT on my to-do list.

Colossal Squid

Of course the colossal squid had to make this list! Very seldom spotted, the squid has been legendary for centuries. It’s only real predator is the Sperm Whale (which is the largest in the toothed-whale species). Imagine how many calamari rings are in this baby when it measures nearly 14 metres long!

What are your thoughts on these deep sea creatures?

Kate Xx

Macabre Monday
8 comments on “Macabre Monday # 8 | Under the Sea
  1. Goblin sharks have spooked me ever since I saw that video of the shark extending its mouth (you posted the gif). Otherwise, I find sharks pretty fascinating! Although, I wouldn’t swim with them…

    The colossal squid freaks me out a little bit more because of its size, of course, and definitely because of its BEAK ughh, but I harbor this fear that they’re even more intelligent than normal-sized squid. They have an almost alien creepiness to them because of that, and because we know so little about them.

    As far as my pick, I’ve always been afraid of eels…

    Great post! I ended up “stealing” your Macabre Monday idea but I linked back to you :)

    • I went and checked it out - great post! I will have to check Black Sunday out!

      As for sea creatures, eels are definitely creepy. They’re ‘smile’ is awfully unconvincing o_o Sharks are incredibly fascinating to me as well! Such majestic and interesting creatures :)

  2. I love the Macabre Monday idea!! Maybe you could host a link-up? I’d love to participate :)

    These creatures are incredible. I was just showing my friends the goblin shark last month

    x atelier zozo

    • I had to try and leave my comment 3x! Maybe you could add a note beneath the captcha saying it’s case sensitive. That is kind of unusual for captchas

      • Oh no! Thanks for letting me know! I just use a plug-in that I can’t monitor/see so I might have to switch to a more user friendly one. Thank you and sorry for the confusion! X

    • That’s a great idea, I will have to read more into the actual hosting side of things :) Goblin sharks freak me out soo much! Sharks are such fascinating creatures as it is, so this species is cray!

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