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It’s not just beauty and skin care things that I love (obviously, we all have other interests) so I thought I would do an ‘everything else’ post, where I can lump some of my favourite things about 2013 - whether they be new found interests, food, events, what-have-you.

Indian Food

Specifically, butter chicken from my locally owned Indian Brothers take-away store in town. Team that with the garlic naan bread and DAMN GURL, that’s my Saturday night planned.


A growing community on YouTube which you may have heard of is ASMR, short for Audio Sensory Meridian Response. I listen to these guys when I am having trouble falling asleep - or just stressing in general and they help so much! My favourite ASMRtists are Maria from Gentle Whisperings and Heather Feather. Both are super lovely and have given me an uncountable amount of good night sleeps.

The Sims 3

If you’ve noticed me disappear for a week or so, it’s because I was playing The Sims 3. I was introduced to The Legacy Challenge and got up to Generation 4 on my first, before I lost my save *rage*. So I am now on my second legacy challenge and currently at Generation 3. I can be a bit nutty for my Sim games so feel free to natter about it on Twitter with me should the mood strike.

felix and klaus rat friends 2My Ratties

After losing Kramer in December, I realised how much of an impact he had on my life :) I am super grateful to still have the fluffball Anakin with us so he has been getting a lot of attention the past couple of weeks. We also adopted two new little moppets named Felix and Klaus. They are both adorable little guys and Anakin has taken quite a shine to them :)

Source Image

Candy Crush

Everyone, and their dog, and their dog’s cousin was IN LOVE with Candy Crush in 2013. I couldn’t get enough of it. I am kind of glad I can’t get past a level. (I am lying, and extremely bitter about it actually but never mind).

TV Shows

My partner and I enjoy watching TV seasons from start to finish, and this year we have watched Futurama, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, American Dad and we have just begun South Park. The season finale (actually the whole final season) was so heart wrenching. I still get a little misty-eyed thinking of Walt & Jesse.


I think I have watched more documentaries in 2013 than any other year, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed Planet Earth narrated by David Attenborough specifically.

What random things did you enjoy during 2013? Be sure to leave a comment and tell me about it!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

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2 comments on “2013 Favourites | Everything Else
  1. Oh, I loved Breaking Bad so much! So sad that it’s ended :(
    Also addicted to Candy Crush and Butter Chicken but not at the same time (although, that would be AWESOME!)

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