Moving Overseas - Thoughts


In one year, my partner and I will be moving to the UK!

AG! It feels awesome to write that out :) But - I can only take 30kg. That is so scary to me. But also very freeing in a way :)

Something that I am coming to terms with is that I will need to SERIOUSLY downsize my possessions - especially makeup, clothes and shoes. Over the coming months, I am going to need your help to purge my belongings, weed out the essentials, and fine tune the things I need to take with me.

Hopefully there will also be some blog sales and opportunities to send my belongings to some new happy homes! I am hesitant to sell makeup, because of bacteria and other nasties like that! But things like clothes, books, shoes and other odds and sods will be up for sale over the course of the year.

I am also really need to going to shut down my spending habits. I have no room for new things! It will only be necessity buying this year (as in replacing products I already have - whether they are the same or a different brand is another story).

Please comment down below or email me if you are familiar with this subject! I would love to hear your thoughts, tips and tricks!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx



6 comments on “Moving Overseas - Thoughts
  1. I have been considering moving to the UK too, hopefully next year as well. How ever I am terrified, in a good way though. Good luck with purging all of the non- essentials

  2. That’s so exciting, I hope that you have a fabulous time when you get here! I personally would much rather be living in Australia!
    Emma xxxx

    • Hahaha grass is greener right! Australia is an awesome country, and it will always be my home. It has a lot of really great things, but like every country, it has a lot of really annoying/not cool things too haha.

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