Macabre Monday #13 - A Guide to Seances {GUEST POST}

For our 13th Macabre Monday, we are lucky enough to have Amy from Disguised Zebras who wrote this amazing post on seances. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and be sure to jump over to her blog and follow her! - Kate

photoWhen you think about seances, it’s okay to feel anxious. I had a weird experience with a Ouija board when I was in my early teens. I can’t really remember what exactly happened, but it was enough to make me intrigued in all things magickal. Before going to a seance, I’ve done a little digging and this is what I’ve found out.
During a seance, you are encouraged to relax and be open with any thoughts that pop in to your mind. For a start, seance attendees think these thoughts are crazy. However, the aim of a seance is to tap into your inner spirit. This practice will encourage the freedom of your thoughts and help you focus on the power of your intuition.
photo (1)
When we say ‘seance’ people often think of danger - however this is a misconception. Spirits surround us all of the time and they communicate to improve our emotional states. The spirits of our loved ones will usually hang around until you’re with them and then they will move on to another place.
photo (2)
During a seance, a medium will take their time to identify a spirit. The medium will deliver messages from any spirits they tap into. The spirit that comes forward will be one that has been through a similar struggle to what you’re going through. This can be a life situation or health problem. And the point of the spirit’s message is to help you relieve the negative issues you are having. Ultimately, the spirit is attempting to brighten your inner spirit. Not so much cats tails, skulls and cauldrons as we thought, hey?
Would you attend a seance? If so, what would you like to find out? Ask yourself & tweet me, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Much love,
Amy x
P.S. Hopefully my next blog post on Seances will be about my experience of going to a seance. Eek, I’m excited to find out! The photographs have been put together by The Lake and Stars (Click to see the full slide show - it’s unbelievable!)
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