Do Blonde’s Have More Fun? Part 3: Toning and Treatments

On September 17, 2013 by Kate

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The hard part is over! Congrats! Are you having fun yet? :P You will notice your hair is a bright chicken yellow colour (hopefully). Don’t despair! You are well on your way to having the beautiful blonde tone you crave!

The next step in going blonde is to tone and treat your hair. You need to inject some moisture back into it after stripping it of natural oils! But, before you condition your hair, it’s time to tone.

I use Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner, which is a blue toned purple cream that you apply all over your bleached locks. You only have to leave this on your hair for five minutes before you wash it out! It’s a great, quick toner! But beware! You will need to use gloves with this product unless you want lovely blue/purple hands!! You also don’t want to leave it on your hair too long! Because the hair is super porous after bleaching, the blue/purple tones will counteract the yellow/orange tones and really make your hair a nice, clean blonde colour. But if you leave the toner on your hair too long it may stay bright blue!


After you have washed your toner out, it’s conditioning treatment time! This is my favourite part :) A great conditioning treatment to use is Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque. I use this once a week and it smells so divine! It also really nourishes your hair and makes it super smooth and shiny! There are a lot of different products from this line, but so far this one is my favourite!

The other, cheaper alternative that I use is Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-damage Mask with Keratin. This stuff works SUPER fast and has great ingredients like keratin to help nourish and repair your damaged hair! It makes my hair super soft and like baby-fine cherub hair. (I think this is a …good thing?)

What are your favourite deep conditioning treatments?

Kate Xx

  • Latasha JJ (@Miss_LJJ)

    I just recently went blonde & the macadamia products have been a life saver! I’ve been using the Healing oil spray & leave-in conditioner!
    Really helpful post hunni :)

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

    • themintedbeauty

      I love the oil, so great! I think I even like it better than the Moroccan Oil products! Thanks for commenting :) Xx