People for Plants Skincare - First Impressions

I was recently lucky enough to receive some products from the People for Plants Skincare range. PFP are known for their cruelty-free, certified organic skincare, and their products are bursting with essential oils and vitamins.

It can take some time to fully review skincare products, so I thought I would give you my first impressions and my thoughts after one week of usage. I will be happy to update you all down the line (maybe in six to eight weeks? That is how long I think it normally takes for a new skincare regime to show any results).

What People for Plants say

Nurture yourself with nature- the ultimate in certified organic beauty from PEOPLE FOR PLANTS.

Foaming Cleansing Gel* - RRP $24.95

P1100597First up is their Foaming Cleansing Gel. I knew we would hit it off straight away when I noticed it had grapefruit in it. I LOVE grapefruit scents, especially in body wash and skin care. I find it really wakes up my skin and makes me way less zombie-fied in the morning.

I really like gel cleansers as they always foam up nicely and I find myself feeling refreshed and cleaner than I would after a cream or oil cleanser. It’s also great to use with a clarisonic face brush.P1100598P1100599

The cleanser lathers up easily and quickly. The scent is not as strong as other citrus cleansers I’ve used, which is a plus when they get near your peepers. I think because this cleanser also contains aloe vera, it is very soothing and not as harsh as other gel cleansers with citrus that I have tried. After use, my skin felt clean and refreshed, and wasn’t tight or dried out.


Mist Toner* - RRP $19.95

I am a huge fan of toners in a spray bottle, and I recently finished the Sukin Hydrating Rose Mist Toner, so this fits nicely into my life! I find spray toners much less harsh, less astringent and more soothing to the skin, which is key for treating inflamed skin (which mine can be quite often thanks to acne issues).

This toner contains rose otto, witch hazel and aloe vera juice. It’s super hydrating but still helps zap those zits with the witch hazel essence.

24 hour Hydration The skin gets thirsty, and needs to stay hydrated so it looks healthy and plump, feeling soft and smooth. Air-conditioning, air travel, sun and wind causes dryness to the skin and needs to be refreshed and hydrated. Also excellent for refreshing your makeup after 4pm. - PFP

P1100605 P1100606

Organic Face Oil - Rosehip* - RRP $29.95

Face oil is an important step to take, because it can really help with ageing skin. As I am now 25 (*le sob*) I am super conscious of looking older than I am. I am loving this face oil because it smells like rose and feels so luxurious to apply. Hopefully will really help in firming up my skin. I find it quite rich, so I use this only at night, and I am continuing my L’Oreal Youth Radiance Serum for daytime.

Fine lines and wrinkles will appear diminished, your skin revitalised, energised looking firmer and more youthful. - PFP


Day Cream*  - RRP $29.95

I am not normally a fan of ‘All Skin Types’ claims on products, especially after this disaster. I haven’t had any problems with this product so far after about a fortnight of use, so I can’t comment on that aspect.

This moisturiser is specifically for day usage, and it is chockfull of anti-oxidants and hydrating ingredients. The main ingredient is rosehip (which has essential fatty acids 9 and 6 and omega 3) helps increase skin elasticity and overall plumpness of skin. Shea, jojoba and macadamia protect the skin, and ginkgo has detoxifying benefits.

I also have to mention the pump on this. I haven’t seen anything like it! It’s in a squeeze tube, but you pump the top to get out the moisturiser. Sounds boring but once you see it in person it would make sense!

Your skin will feel soft, nourished looking visibly brighter and energised. -PFP


Night Cream* - RRP $29.95

This night cream recently won the Beauty Heaven 2014 Best New Night Moisturiser - congratulations PFP! The night cream contains pomegranate, with potent levels of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, collagen and elastin enhancing elements. It also contains burdock, which helps detoxify the skin, hyaluaronic acid which works to lock in moisture both internally and externally, aloe vera which provides hydration and shea and cold pressed Australian macadamia oil to deeply nourish.

This has the same pump as the Day Cream. Ingenious. This moisturiser applies quite thick, but it absorbs quickly into this skin, which I prefer!

Wake up with soft, plump, healthy looking skin. - PFP

Have you tried anything from the People for Plants line? How important is certified organic skincare and cruelty free products to you?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx


7 comments on “People for Plants Skincare - First Impressions
  1. The cleanser looks great! I love ones that foam, it just makes me skin feel a whole lot cleaner than those that are creamier. Great review, might give this a try when my current cleaner finishes up :)

    Bek xxx

  2. The face oil sounds interesting, especially if it smells nice. I love my rosehip oil but sometimes wished it smelt a bit better!

  3. I haven’t tried the PfP line yet but I’ve been very intrigued by it! I really like the sound of the spray toner so I may check that out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. These all sound really good, especially the creams! I have heard a lot of great things about this brand but I am yet to try them out. Now the only question is which product to try out first :)

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