Rat Tales

On January 29, 2014 by Kate

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. - George Eliot

When I heard about Dropcam‘s challenge to share your pets funniest quirks and stories, I thought it was a great idea to spread some rat love (one of the most misunderstood animals as pets) and participate! Rats are incredibly social animals, and love both rat and human interaction. felix and klaus Rats are better than television; there I said it. I think one of the best things that Shannon and I have done as a couple was to buy our little ratty friends to share a portion of our lives with. As you know, we currently have Anakin, Felix and Klaus, all of whom were purchased from our local pet shop.

Kramer and Shannon

Kramer and Shannon

We also recently lost Kramer (Anakin’s brother). He was incredibly special to us, and even in his short time he gave us so much joy!

sleepy krames

Kramer sleeping

They provide us with endless entertainment, so I can’t even imagine what we would capture on a camera like Dropcam offers!

Anakin is our resident laze ball rat. He often stuffs his mouth full of any food we offer and runs off to hide. Peas are his favourite, I am guessing because he can fit so many in his mouth! I’ve seen him stuff probably around six peas into his gob. He then proceeds to hide behind the safety of a cushion, spit out all the peas and eat them individually. Naturally.

He used to be a bit more active when he was younger (seen in the video above) but at almost 2 years old, he is starting to slow down.

rat friends 2

Klaus & Anakin

Klaus has become known to Shannon and I as Anakin’s shadow. You rarely see one without the other, and they adore cuddling up together. Due to Anakin’s spongy, squishy-ness, I imagine he makes an awesome pillow! Klaus certainly thinks so. Felix is a huge adventurer, and loves investigating every crevice and climb every cushion. I like to imagine him as a sort of rat version of Edmund Hillary; our couch probably seems like Everest to a rat anyhow! We will often find Klaus and Anakin asleep while Felix braves behind the blinds or attempts to leap onto the coffee table.

sleepy klaus

Klaus napping in the heat

If you aren’t in Australia, you might not be aware of the heat we have had been dealing with lately. Temperatures rose in my area up to 35 degrees Celcius, which is uncomfortable for everyone - including pets! During this heatwave, we often spotted the rats camped out right next to the fan, on their backs, legs spread. Such a charming look for any animal I feel.

Despite the heat, our boys still despise their baths. We like to wash them at least once a week. If you haven’t had rats before, male rats tend to have a certain ‘musk’ about them which they use to mark their territory. By bathing at least once a week and shampooing our couch every fortnight, we can keep our apartment smelling fresh and less pet-filled!

One of the most interesting things is watching the rats eat. They like to manipulate food in their hands like humans - incredibly fascinating!

Feel free to share your pet stories with me below in the comments, I’d love to read them!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

  • http://oneticktobesick.blogspot.com Chelsea W

    I love rats so much. When I had a dumbo rat, one of the cutest things was that he loved to be TICKLED. Seriously, you could turn him over onto his back, raise your hand into a claw (he would start to make this noise like he knew what was coming), then you could tickle his belly and he would make the most adorable sound just like a laugh. Do yours do the same thing??

    • http://themintedbeauty.com Kate

      Awww that’s so cute! My biggest boy Anakin loves being scratched and massaged, but not tickled! Too cute! I love Dumbo rat ears, they look so cartoony X

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com Veronica Lee

    Our guinea pig, Oreo loves to be scratched. She would indicate where she wants to be scratched/tickled/massaged by first scratching herself on the part of her body she wants scratched and then ‘points’ to the other parts when you’re done with that spot by either nibbling or scratching that part of her body with her hind legs! And she would make that queer rumbling sound and stretch out her body like she’s totally enjoying it!

    • http://themintedbeauty.com Kate

      Love the name! :) Haha that’s really cute, rodents like rats, rabbits and guinea pigs are so smart with human interaction, very fascinating!

  • http://sparkle2day.com Susannah

    Thanks so much for telling us about your lovely rats. I love the eating carrot video (I gave your ratty a virtual kiss), and the sleeping with teeth showing pic :D. I do aspire to be a rat owner one day as they’re not as speedy as my mice, and more tame too. Think I’ll need a bigger cage though, those rats do get big! :D

    • http://themintedbeauty.com Kate

      Yes definitely! The two smaller guys are certainly still skittish but mice are crazy fast! Anakin is nice and fat so he is easy to grab onto :P I like them big, fat and lazy so I can rub their tummies without them getting away hehehe