Relaxing Night Essentials

When the world is getting you down, it’s essential to make time for yourself. As I am currently between jobs, have been treasuring my relaxation time more than ever. Who would have thought that looking for a job could be so stressful -_- I thought I would share my relaxing night essentials to make your evening an amazing, snuggly one.


Candle - I found this mini candle with Vanilla & Tangerine at the Dollar Store for only $2.50. It smells really amazing, and once it’s used up I am going to use the candle pot for storage because it’s so cute!


Bath Ballistic - I don’t think there is any competition here. LUSH is king when it comes to bubble bath products. Tonight I used


Face Mask - After my regular cleansing routine, I like to pop on a mask while I relax. I’ve spoken about The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask before, and while I don’t like the scent (sigh) it does amazing things for my skin. It zaps nasties quickly and really calms my skin down.


Body Scrub - I decided to give making my own Body Scrub a try here! This one is just a Basic Vanilla Scrub, but you can add any kind of essences you would like!

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Hair Mask - I actually combine two hair products for my hair mask. I use LUSH Roots on my scalp, to promote growth and keep my poor bleached scalp in good nick, and also Schwarzkoph Hair Oil on the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair. I then wrap it all up in a towel (I found a great one in my recent haul!) and let the products soak in.

Book/Magazine - A relaxing night isn’t complete without some reading material! My partner recently picked up Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep (sequel to The Shining) for me, so that’s my current cosy night in choice!


Face Serum - I have been using the People for Plants Face Oil* at night time, and it is so luxurious to use! For my first impressions and more information about this face oil, click here!


Face Moisturiser - I’m trying out the recent winner of Best New Skincare Night Cream (Glosscars 2014) - People for Plants Night Moisturiser*. For my first impressions and more information about this moisturiser, click here!

Body Lotion

Like everyone and their dog and their dog’s mum, I have been loving the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser. I chose the Aloe Vera infused moisturiser and it’s SO EASY. As a lazy person, this is the best thing ever.


Hand Cream - My absolute favourite hand cream of all time, L’Occotaine Shea Butter Hand Cream. It’s super light and non-greasy, so you can easily paint your nails afterwards with no hassles! For a full review, click here!


Nail Polish - On a pampering night, I am always in the mood for softer nail colours. I chose one of the newest in my collection OPI Liquid Sand in Solitaire. It is really getting me in the mood for a cosy winter (although I don’t think I will be so lucky in Queensland!)

What are you relaxing night essentials?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

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