Reverse Hair Washing


12/05/14 (Pre-wash)

So after seeing some of my favourite bloggers brave the Reverse Hair Washing, I thought I would be brave, and give it a go! If you haven’t heard of the trend, reverse hair washing is basically conditioning your hair first, leave it for five minutes and then rinse and shampoo your hair as normal. As a bleached blonde, I am pretty skeptical that this will work. I am prepared for frizz central and crying into my pillow.

12/05/14 (Post-wash)

My hair is still wet. Hmmm I can’t say I am all impressed by this. My hair feels very dry, straw-like and on the verge of frizzing to high heavens. Maybe things will look better in the morning (as I dry my hair naturally at night). I’ll just quietly sob into my pillow and devise plans for ultimate conditioning in the morning.


For those interested I used a new shampoo and conditioner combo (Or should I call this a conditioner and shampoo combo? EVERYTHING I KNOW IS FALSE) called Unico Intensive Shampoo and Conditioner*. They smell great and been using these on my hair (normally) for the last three weeks or so, so there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises! Stay tuned for a full review in the next fortnight!


13/05/14 (Morning)

Wow ok, my hair feels soft, untangled and shiny?! My hair hasn’t felt shiny in a while. It’s quite voluminous, but not overly so which is what I was worried about. There are some pesky flyaways on top of my head, but these happen daily anyway. I use a little hairspray to smooth them down and my hair do is done for the day.

13/05/14 (Midday)

One of my main concerns for my mane was the prospect of tangly hair. In a normal day it probably needs to be brushed/combed through at least four times to make sure it is still looking good. During my midday once over - reapply lipstick, adjust necklace so it isn’t showing the clasp, hair - not needing a brush? First time ever?

14/05/14 (Day 2)

Well I thought that this must be the end of the line for my hair. But no! Still on Day 2 my hair remains soft, manageable and glossy!?! In what crazy world does this even work!

15/05/14 (Day 3)

My hair is starting to lack it’s gloss and shine from the previous two days. So it’s time to repeat the process again. Will it live up to expectations, or will it fall flat? First time lucky, or is this my new routine? Stay tuned for next week when I update you!

Kate Xx


  • carley

    I have been doing this. I like it i feel like my scapl is being a little more hydrated

    • Kate Flint

      That’s a good point! I haven’t noticed my scalp hydration but I have pretty oily roots anyway. The main difference I am noticing is that my hair is weighed down and next-day-oily from over-conditioning.

  • Kariss Ainsworth

    Wow I must try this!

    • Kate Flint

      Let me know how you go! Xo

  • Christine

    I tried this just a couple of days ago. My hair looked exactly the same so I’m not sure what to think!

    • Kate Flint

      It definitely won’t work for everyone. My hair gets weighed down super easily by products (even just conditioner sometimes) so it works really well for me. :)

  • chntl

    I’ve never heard of this method before and I must admit I am more than a little intrigued! The results sound great so far but I love to hear more of how it goes for you before I try it out for myself! Good luck!

    Chantalle xx

    • Kate Flint

      I’ve heard ALOT of mixed reviews, ranging from “amazing” to “omg… no”. I think it really depends on your hair/scalp type. By all means - do your research.
      It didn’t work for Sarah from or Amy from, but it worked for me :) I think you just need to try it out and decide for yourself if it is for you :) Good luck!

  • Anoushé

    Such an interesting concept. I actually remember my best friend doing this before because she has such straight, non-voluminous hair. She thinks applying conditioner at the beginning will not weigh her hair down as much and keep it lighter. I look forward to hearing your next review about how it develops :) I might be brave to try it one day too…

    • Kate Flint

      Update is coming on Friday :) :) :) Thanks for reading!

  • Kitt Noir

    Your hair looks gorgeous Hun! I am going to try this at the weekend x

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks lovely! Can’t wait to hear how you go :)

  • daisy walters

    I defo need to try this if its as great as everyone is saying. I just can’t understand how it works tho! Maybe thats me being very dumb..

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    • Kate Flint

      I have no idea how it works, you aren’t dumb! (or maybe we both are, oh well) :P

  • Beautyat40andbeyond

    Thanks for the review. Looking forward to your update!

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks lovely :) Update should be up on Friday hopefully Xo

  • My Hair Care

    Love reading through this journey! I am happy that it worked out well for your first time to try reverse hair washing. I am excited for new updates on you trying out this routine again :)

    Abby of My Hair Care

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks for stopping by Abby! It’s received a lot of great reviews but also some really bad ones, I think it depends on the hair type. I’m glad it worked out well too :)