REVIEW: Dermalogica mediBac Starter Kit

After I treated myself to a facial at my local skincare salon (thanks to my bestie for the voucher), I was interested in the Dermalogica skin care line that the lovely facialist had used on me. I bought a mediBac clearing Adult Acne Kit from their salon and started using it immediately.

While I haven’t seen wowza results from every product, there are certainly some nice ones in the kit that I will repurchase and I’ve learnt a lot from their company. I decided that I would only review the products I really loved! The other products in the kit were okay, just not particularly great. I think that there are many other products available on the market for much cheaper.

What the kit contains

  • Clearing Skin Wash 50mL
  • Sebum Clearing Masque 22mL
  • Clearing Mattifier 14mL
  • Overnight Clearing Gel 14mL
  • Concealing Spot Treatment 3mL
  • Oil Control Lotion (sample)
  • MediBac Clearing Brochure

What Dermalogica Said

It’s the end of the line for adult acne with this convenient, travel-friendly MediBac Clearing adult acne treatment kit containing a complete regimen for consistently clear skin. Use as directed by your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist.

Stand Out Products

While all the products aren’t winners in my book, I found that the Sebum Clearing Masque and Clearing Mattifier were both amazing.

The Sebum Clearing Masque is the same one that my facialist used on me in my appointment, and it had such a nice cooling sensation! I love using this in the shower while I have a hair mask on because it works pretty quickly.It contains salicylic acid which stimulates a natural exfoliation of the skin as well, while the cooling sensation works against redness.

The Clearing Mattifier is a matte type gel that is easily smoothed onto the skin before a primer in the morning. It helps clear breakouts, reduce congestion and control shine during the day underneath your makeup! It contains Vitamin A and a patent-pending Cinnamon Bark blend, which may help remove bacteria to reduce blackheads.

Quick Reviews

Just a quick run down of the other products you get in the kit in case you are interested!

  • Clearing Skin Wash - pretty much a standard gel cleanser. Nice scent and foams well.
  • Sebum Clearing Mask - great for those who love a cooling effect. Reduces redness and appearance of blemishes
  • Clearing Mattifier - great for those with oily skin. Nice to use before a primer in the morning.
  • Overnight Clearing Gel - nice little spot treatment. Similar to others with salicylic acid in them.
  • Concealing Spot Treatment - this was quite a dark tone, so I didn’t use it during the day. Used product at night, nothing special.
  • Oil Control Lotion - such a small sample that I couldn’t really get a good idea of what it was like.
  • Brochure - interesting read about face mapping and tidbits about products included in the kit!


I thought I might just add that finding the Dermalogica kit is not the be all and end all for me. I am really looking forward to trying the Daily Microexfoliant and seeing how it weighs up against Kate Somerville ExfoliKate. There is also another clay mask that I have my eyes on.

Face Mapping

The other really interesting information I came across whilst using Dermalogica Skincare was the Face Mapping information available on their website here. It shows you what could be happening skin wise to you based on where on your face you are having troubles. I noticed that most of my blemishes are on my cheeks and lower jawline, which according to Dermalogica, is attributed to respiratory distress (I have asthma, and live in a coal mining town. sigh!) and  menstrual cycle hormones (yuuuuuuup).

Have you ever used Dermalogica Skincare? What were your thoughts?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xo

*Somehow in a mass clean up of files I deleted the pics I took of my kit :( The products look a bit tacky now they’ve been used, so you will see them in my next empties, promise! - K

  • Caroline

    Oh I just love Dermalogica products. I haven’t used very many but the ones I have were always great!

    • Kate Flint

      Before this the only product I had used was the Pre-Cleanse which was pretty amazing. Do you remember which products from the line you had used? :)x