Review: Glitter Lips

‘Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins’. ‘Glitter is my Prozac’. ‘When in doubt, just add glitter’. While I don’t consider myself a glitter addict, I am certainly a fan. A somewhat closet one, but a fan. Welp, no more. Thanks to Glitter Lips.

I first heard of Glitter Lips Australia from Dani of KaBOOM Cosmetics (you can read her review on Glitter Lips here). I saw her Instagram post of her rocking ‘Molly Dolly’, a vibrant pink glitter lip look and I just had to give them a go as well! I chose Glitter Lips Sparkling Rose* (RRP $29.95), which is a darker toned pink glitter, but still absolutely gorgeous.

To apply Glitter Lips, you use the bonding agent, which is a type of lipgloss/glue hybrid, and cover your lips, carefully staying within the lip line. Then, after waiting (with your lips apart) for a minute, you can gently pat on the glitter particles with the sponge applicator included in the pack. I laid down some paper towel beforehand to help catch the glitter that fall off, and gently siphon it back into the pot.

Once you are happy with the coverage, you can gently brush off any excess glitter. Voila! I did have to use a different bigger blush brush to really get the glitter particles off my surrounding skin, but I also have a pretty exceptional peach fuzz coating of hair, so that could have played a part.

Now, you might be thinking some of the things that I thought when I first saw Glitter Lips in action:

  • That looks uncomfortable
  • I wouldn’t be able to pull it off

Well, after wearing this out and about, I am here to tell you, it’s not quite what you think it will be like. Applying the bonding agent wasn’t all too pleasant, but once it was dry and tacky, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The wearability of the glitter is actually surprisingly comfortable. You don’t require any touch ups during the night, and after a while y0u don’t even notice that it’s glitter on your lips. It also happens to be WAY more comfortable than those tattoo lip transfers. Those feel like your lips shrink during the night - yech!

With regards to pulling it off, all you need is a little confidence ;) I had some people laugh at the glitter, but the majority thought it was awesome and asked me where I had gotten it from! Haterz gonna hate.

To remove the glitter, you need to use an oil based makeup remover. Trust me on this one. They recommend it on the site for a reason! I, unfortunately, ran out. So I used Bioderma (didn’t work). So I tried a oil-free makeup remover (nope). I eventually used a face wipe, which took some elbow grease. Ouch. Do yourself a favour and get some correct remover!

Would you be brave enough to sport the Glitter Lips?


  • Jasmine Huston

    This looks so amazing and I really want to try them now! xx

    • Kate Flint

      There is a purple glitter that I can totally see you wearing Jas!

  • Clo’s Beauty Spot

    Wow looks fantastic! x

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks love! :)

  • Natalie Y

    I love glitter!! This looks so much fun! Love it :)


    Truly, NY

    • Kate Flint

      It really is a lot of fun! :)

  • Jacqueline

    This looks so awesome! I love glitter everything except nail polish because that crap takes too much effort to remove.
    I’d totally rock them, hopefully as well as you do :)

    • Kate Flint

      Oh man, glitter nail polish can really stick can’t it!? It’s always a bit of a hassle to remove, but it looks so pretty! :D