REVIEW: L’Oreal Paris Luminosity BB Cream


When the L’Oreal Paris Luminosity BB Creams in Light* arrived on my doorstep I was pretty thrilled to say the least! With Summer finally upon as, it’s the absolute perfect weather for a new BB Cream, especially this particular formula.

With SPF 15+, and promises to soon fade dark pigmented areas on your face, I started using this product in Light*. Not everyday, but every other day. I have been using this for over a month, and it’s now time to share my thoughts :) I will note that L’Oreal has formulated this product to target 25 - 35 year olds. At the ripe old age of 24, I am clearly being a bad-ass and using this product regardless :P

If you are under the age of 25, but have dark spots and pigmentation from acne scarring, I think this product could work for you as well :)

What L’Oreal Says

The 1st* Illuminating BB Cream: Evens and Illuminates

- Immediately, imperfections are concealed and dark spots fade. Instantly, skin is perfected, even and luminous.
- Thanks to its incredibly light texture, Luminosity BB Cream instantly melts in to your skin, letting it breathe and assuring a natural result all day.
- In 2 weeks imperfections are visibly reduced. Your skin is more even and truly glows***.
More even skin tone. More luminosity^. Contains sunscreen.

*By L’Oréal Paris.
**Instrumental Test.
***Self evaluation.
^ In-vitro tests.


The packaging is not as eye-catching and chic as the Nude Magique range, but they are marketing towards a more mature audience. The squeeze tube is nothing new to the BB Cream sector, but it’s definitely loads better than a glass bottle in my opinion. It can fit snugly in your purse for touch ups and you can squeeze out every last drop.




The coverage of this formula is medium, although I normally need a little concealer to help it along as well (it is only a BB Cream, so this makes sense). The cream smells a little like sunscreen, and applies easily to the skin, without much need for blending except in the obvious places like around the nose. It is quite light and easy to work with.

Colour Selection

As always with most drugstore brands, I think the shade range could definitely be improved for BB Creams. Even in the lightest shade of BB Cream, it goes on a little dark on me. It does make me look tan, which is a plus. But for my fair-skinned friends, unfortunately I think it will end up looking muddy :( There is a pretty sizeable gap in the market for BB Creams in the very light ivory to very dark cappuccino range that a brand could fill, but it is not happening today in this range.


At $29.99 for 50mL, it is not unexpected for an Australian priced BB Cream from L’Oreal. I think it is a touch more expensive than the Nude Magique BB Cream ($25.95) but less expensive than L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation ($34.95). Priceline always has some great 3 for 2 deals with L’Oreal, so keep your eye out for a bargain that way :)

Additional Thoughts

Overall I really like this BB Cream as it is perfect for keeping my skin safe from the sun, covers up my imperfections, and while I haven’t noticed a great deal of change in my pigmentation scars, I wasn’t really expecting it to. It did not make me break out, which gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Have you tried the Luminosity range from L’Oreal? What were your thoughts?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

  • Christine

    Oh dear, if 25-35 is considered a mature audience then I must be a geriatric! :D

  • Chelsea W

    I’m INCREDIBLY pale, and I’d really like to start using a BB cream, but I don’t really know where to start :/ It sounds like they all make you a tad tan, like you stated.

    • Kate

      If you go onto eBay or Amazon and look up Skin79 bob cream they are the palest I’ve found. Super great SPF too, like 50++

  • Charlotte

    I have never actually tried BB cream but really should!

    I came across your blog and love your posts, so now following on Bloglovin. It would be great to follow each other’s blogging journey! My latest post is on Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Force Hair treatments and Partners Hair Salon Manchester if you would like to have a read :)

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  • Chelsea W

    Thank you!! That helps a lot. Anything on Amazon I can definitely do.