Review: MBA Petite HD Lip Paints

Supporting indie makeup brands is important. If you think back, some of our most loved makeup brands started out as indie. The majority of these brands have amazing standards of ethics, quality and price, and they can hold their own against the big boys! It’s important to support these brands so they can grow, and hopefully our makeup choices can become more ethical worldwide.

I spotted My Beauty Addiction during a troll through Etsy, and I was really impressed with the range of different colours available in lipsticks (or ‘paints’ as they call them). In the product description, they provide full information of ingredients, as well as warning of the softer nature of the product (due to the use of more oils and pigments).

I picked up A-List, Flirt and Breathless.


These three lip paints are pigmented, smooth with a semi-matte finish. One swipe is really all you need for colour pay off, though I prefer to apply these with a lip brush, as they can stain the skin. You don’t want to be running around with a big navy smudge on your chin!

The lasting power of these lip paints are fantastic, only requiring a little touch up after food/drink. Also, a little of this product goes quite a long way. The texture takes a little getting used to. Because there are actual pigments and oils in this lip paint, it feels slightly gritty, though not uncomfortably so.

The packaging is has little to be desired, but for the amazing product inside, I can let it slide. When you are buying indie products, you make certain sacrifices, whether it is price, packaging or the amount of stock they have on hand. Liberties need to be made, and for this company, although the packaging isn’t that pretty, it’s functional and hygienic. What more can you really expect?

The cost factor for these are almost criminally cheap. For a total of $20 USD, I got these three shipped to Australia, which took around a week to arrive.

I am looking forward to buying more from My Beauty Addiction, they have an absolute myriad of colours available, including ones that I may be daring enough to wear (like yellow, lime green and bright blue, hello!)

What are your thoughts on Indie Brands?

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  • Gaby Balls

    The red is beautiful. I like to have a look for unknown brands, just because they are not big does not mean the products wont be fantastic.

    Gaby x

    • Kate Flint

      My thoughts exactly Gaby! I love finding hidden gems :)

  • Josie

    I’m not very daring with lip shades - but the pigmentation looks brilliant!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    • Kate Flint

      It definitely is amazing! My Beauty Addiction also has a natural shade range, you should check it out! Xo

  • Mandy Webb

    Wow these look beautiful! I don’t try many indie brands, no specific reason why - it just doesn’t cross my mind! Thanks for this though. Now you’ve got me thinking about some gems we can find out there. Will be checking this out, it’s just gorgeous xx

    Make Me Up Mandy