REVIEW: Milky Foot


I am not a huge fan of pedicures, as I am quite ticklish and don’t really like all that foot attention. So when my friend Kasia told me I had to try Milky Foot, I wasn’t all that interested until she told me how cool/gross it was. Milky Foot is a chemical exfoliation treatment for your feet that causes dead skin to peel off after a couple of days. These mostly come off in large sheets. It’s amazingly interesting and kind of gross, but well worth it!

What Milky Foot says 

Milky Foot (RRP $29.95) is the easiest way to exfoliate and moisturise your feet. Milky Foot removes hardened skin, softens cracks and calluses and moisturises your feet. In 1-2 weeks, your feet will feel milky soft and smooth.


What The Minted Beauty says

This was so well worth the time! You apply the plastic foot baggies to your feet (kind of like socks, but less fitting) and go about your night. I sat on the bed with my feet flat on the bed as well, to make sure that the treatment doesn’t travel up the leg or anything bad. The sensation is cooling, zesty and a little minty? As my friend Kasia described it best “It’s like wearing chiles on your feet”. It doesn’t sting and isn’t in any way painful, but it was quite tingly by the end of the 60 minute treatment. The milk fermentation enzyme is what ultimately makes your feet peel, so it’s quite natural and less harsh than other chemical exfoliation treatments I’ve heard of.

After an hour, you rinse your feet in water and dry off. Then, the waiting game. I was so excited for the peeling, but you need to make sure you just sit tight and prepare for the fun!

On Day 3, I noticed a large, loose piece of skin on the bottom of my heel. AWESOME! It was still connected so I left it throughout my gym class and that’s when it started to come away more from the skin. I spent the night slowly peeling my feet which can only be described as terribly satisfying. I was not prepared to take photos of this because I have a weird idea about posting pictures of my feet on the internet. Searching for Milky Foot on Google Images will point you in the right direction ;)

I tried to make sure not to peel skin that wasn’t ready to come away yet. The bottom part of my foot was completely peeled off after 3 days of peeling, and the tops of my feet and toes were finally all peeled off after an additional 10 days. The top part of the foot (as the skin is not as thick and calloused) certainly takes longer to peel. You can only use Milky Foot every three months to ensure the safety of your feet skin.

I am definitely going to try Milky Foot again in a couple of months time! It was a lot of fun and the results are amazing! My feet literally feel like baby’s feet and I am definitely going to look forward to dressing up my feet for Summer this year!

Have you tried Milky Foot? What was your experience like?

  • Christine

    Where are the disgusting pictures dammit?!?!? Don’t worry - I wouldn’t want to post them either, just too weird!
    I’m really hoping that Priceline have their 40% off skincare sale soon (would this even be considered skincare?) as my this is on my rather long list :)

    • Kate Flint

      Good idea! I am not sure if it would come under the skincare range.. I got mine when it was on special for about $26 or so, not much but still cheaper! And yes haha! I sent one to my friend Kasia, she was impressed. But that is not going on the internet haha!

  • reveriebelle

    I’ve heard a lot about Milky Foot but I haven’t tried it myself before! It does sound very intriguing and weird, but also satisfying at the same time :P I might actually do this seeing as it’s winter and that I can hide my peeling feet under some socks :P

    • Kate Flint

      Yeah that’s true! I always had stockings or socks on so no one noticed (I hope!)