REVIEW: NAT.Face Rebalance Clay Mask*


NAT. - Natural Skin & Body Essentials are new products that I had not heard of before. After browsing through their collection, I noticed that they have a great range for all different skin types, particularly in their facial skincare range.

They have Replenish (Normal to Dry Skin), Rejuvenate (Dehydrated to Very Dry Skin), Restore (Sensitive and Fragile Skin) and Rebalance (Combination Oily Skin). Of course, as an oily, acne prone lady, I was interested in all of the Rebalance line, and particularly their Clay Mask.

What NAT.Skin says

rebalance clay mask 100g - RRP $25.20. clay mask to deeply cleanse, purify and refine pores for combination to oily; uses natural clay to purify and refine the skin, 100% natural lemon essences works to brighten and deeply cleanse whilst Aloe Vera helps softens and soothe the skin.


What The Minted Beauty Says

I am a sucker for a clay mask. I love the way it deeply cleanses and forces blemishes to the surface. The fact that this also contains aloe vera is super soothing and quite nourishes for dehydrated skin, which I often experience on my forehead and temple area. I’ve noticed that after using this mask once a week for a couple of weeks, it has brought quite a bit of congestion to the surface, and is drying it out nicely and combating any future spots. The day after I use it, I find that my skin isn’t producing as much oil as it normally would, possibly because it is hydrated from the aloe vera.

I love the effects of The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask, which acts similar to this one, but I despise the tea tree scent! This mask has all the benefits without the highly astringent scent of tea tree, and it’s much more soothing with the addition of aloe vera.

Have you heard of NAT. Natural Skin & Body Essentials? What were your thoughts?