September Haul - YSL, Victoria’s Secret + More

Hi guys! Long time no talk! It feels like it anyway! This last fortnight has been hectic (work, food poisoning, lounge room ceiling floods…) but hopefully I can get back to regular posting soon! This is a bit of a collective haul, some from Brisbane, some from online shopping, and some are PR samples (clearly marked). Either way, I wanted to go through the new stuff I’ve been trying out!


The Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body Wash, Body Spray & Body Lotion (RRP $24.00) is a fragrance set I’ve been wanting to try for ages (one of Elle Fowler‘s favourites, and we tend to have a similar taste in scents). My goodness…this is an amazing scent! Red Plum & Freesia, get on me. While I can’t particularly vouch for the nourishing goodness of these products (they are pretty standard, don’t really do much except make you smell pretty) but I will repurchase these again for the scent alone. Well worth checking out the range!


I still haven’t had a chance to try out this range of Rosehip by Essano, but I’ve tested all of them smell wise and they are amazing! I can’t wait to provide you guys with a full review to come!


Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (RRP $35.00) is the styling product that you want. Nay, require. It makes the disheveled, beachy wave look oh so easy and quick. I love using this spray so much, but it is quite pricey :(

I am still a little on the fence with the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Nude Beige (RRP $55.00) purely because I don’t think it is worth the RRP in Australia. It’s a great lipstick no doubt, packaging is gorgeous, with a smooth, easy application and great colour pay off. But $55? For a lipstick? I’ll be waiting til I can get more affordable European or US prices before I indulge in YSL lipsticks again.


P1110527The Kerastase Dermo-Calm Range*, Kerastase Chroma Thermique Thermo Shine* and Kerastase Fibre Architecte* have been my hair care treats this month and they have improved the quality of my hair & scalp so much! If anyone is interested in a full review, let me know!


One of my all time favourite BB Creams was the Orange version of the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus (RRP $22.00) and this one is, dare I say it, better! It’s a little more blendable and not quite as thick as the orange version (perhaps because of the SPF differences? This one is SPF30+ and the orange is 50+ I think). Again, full review to come. This post is becoming a ‘review preview’ post :P

After ordering from Memebox, I spotted Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream (RRP $19.95) and instantly fell in love with the packaging. How can you not? It’s a freaking snail!

What have you picked up in September?


  • Chelsea W

    I love the VS Pure Seduction scent but Endless Love is probably my all-time favorite of theirs! Sorry you came down with food poisoning-that is the worst (and has kept me from eating eel for years). Hope you feel all better soon!! xo

    • Kate Flint

      I couldn’t decide between all the amazing scents, their are some great ones available! :( It really sucked! Was at a friend’s 21st and I missed out on all the fun :( Feeling much better now though, thanks :)

  • Angela

    I absolutely love the VS Pure Seduction scent.. I don’t think there’s a VS scent I don’t like actually! The YSL lipstick is incredibly gorgeous, packaging and colour wise, but I think I’d have an emotional time parting with $55 for a lipstick! xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    • Kate Flint

      It’s certainly an amazing lipstick - no doubt about it! But unfortunately, I don’t think it’s really practical price wise :( Like you said, $55 was hard to part with, especially for only one lipstick :(

  • Caroline

    Yes please I would love a full review of the Kerastase products!

    • Kate Flint

      Working on this now :) They are some of the best hair products I’ve tried, no doubt!

  • Wendy

    Pure Seduction and Love Spell are my two favorite VS scents. Pure Seduction is so perfect that sometimes I just pick up the bottles to take a whiff, because I can’t help myself. Haha!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

    • Kate Flint

      They are so lovely! It was so hard to choose between their gigantic range of amazing scents!

  • Christine

    Definitely interested in full reviews of the Kerastase and Essano ranges - they’re a couple of brands that I’ve been interested in picking up for a while but just haven’t got around to it :)

    • Kate Flint

      I’m currently testing them both out, so I will try to get them both up in the next fortnight :) Xo

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