Shop My Stash #4


It’s time for another Shop my Stash, featuring new and old(er) products in my collection and what I’ve been using on my mug of late!

1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

One of my favourite foundations in 2013, I repurchased this one in January and have almost used it up! It’s probably time to buy a new bottle, but I love the feeling of using up a product completely. The scent is wonderful and coverage is amazing.

2. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Since the boyf got this for my birthday (ultimate brownie points!) I have been using a couple of colours to death. I especially like Strange, Light and Nooner. To switch it up today, I chose

3. The Balm Cabana Boy

I have found this blush quite hard to apply, as it is very pigmented. You really only need a *dab* of blush for both cheeks. And apply carefully! This stuff is potent!

4. Bourjois Java Rice Powder

This is one of my favourite, subtle highlighters and it smells AMAZING! Like, it reminds me of my Grandmother’s face powder that she used to use liberally. <3 #demfeelz

5. Covergirl Clump Crusher

One of my all time favourite mascaras that I have neglected of late, thanks to Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves. I forgot how lengthening and gorg this makes my lashes look!

6. Revlon Plum Velour

I think I purchased this one back in my April/May haul and I have been loving wearing it. It’s a sheerer plum than others in my collection, and it’s an easier colour to wear during the day, as opposed to dark plums or purples. It’s very moisturizing and has a slight shimmer in it as well.

7. Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner

My brilliant friend Kasia bought me this eyeliner because I just had to try it. And by gum, I love it! the ‘pen’ is actually pretty easy to manipulate and the line is thin and glossy.

*please excuse my brows ladies, I am currently growing them out <_<

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Have you shopped your stash lately? What gems did you find?

  • Caroline

    You look great, no need for apologies! Loving all you “stuff”!

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks Caroline! It’s hard to keep a lid on the negative thinking sometimes! We are our own harshest critics.

  • Emily Shea

    Your hair is amazing! I’ve always wanted to try Cabana Boy but I’ve never gotten my hands on it.

    • Kate Flint

      Thank you! It’s already fading quickly :( The cost of bright colours I suppose! Cabana Boy has made me excited to try more from The Balm :)

  • Carly Jade

    I love that Covergirl mascara! I got sent it from the USA in a beauty swap, and it’s the best mascara I’ve tried! Apparently the Maxfactor Clump Defy is exactly the same because Covergirl/Maxfactor are owned by the same massive company!

    • Kate Flint

      I completely agree! I have both of them and they are VERY similar. Both amazing :) Have you tried the MaxFactor Clump Defy? Xo+

      • Carly Jade

        Not yet, but I will be definitely be picking up once my Covergirl one has ran out! :) I heard on Twitter yesterday too that there is a new version of the Clump Defy coming out called Clump Defy Extensions - it’s meant to have fibres within it, so looking forward to that one! x

        • Kate Flint

          Woo that sounds exciting! Hopefully that one comes to Oz too :) Let me know if you ever need to be hooked up with some Covergirl products to try too :) Xo