Smoky Eyes: How to Apply Eye Shadows

Smoky Eyes: How to Apply Eye Shadows puja malhotra January 22, 2018

It’s much easier for many girls to use eye shadows instead of a liner, but there are still many reasons for mistakes. Here are some basic tips that will help you apply eye shadows successfully. We’ll tell you how to make them brighter and more durable, how to combine shades and blend them correctly, and what tools to use for this.

  • When you are in a hurry, use your fingers

If you do not have time to sit in front of the mirror and slowly apply makeup, use your fingers instead of brushes. This method is especially convenient for creamy shadows, although it is suitable for all types, except for powdery texture. It is easy to evenly spread the eye shadows over the surface of the eyelid with a finger and not to overdo it with the pigment. Do not rub cosmetics into the skin but gently hammer with fingertips. Before you start applying makeup, be sure to wash your hands.

  • You should have several makeup brushes 

In makeup, one shade is rarely used, so you should have several brushes. It is inconvenient to wash and dry the brush each time, besides different tools will allow experimenting with technics. There are many types of makeup brushes. For everyday use, two are enough: the base flat with a rounded end and a little fluffy one. The first is convenient to apply and spread the shadows. Before buying, make sure that it is soft and does not scratch the skin. The fluffy rounded brush is useful for shading. It should be softer than the base one. 

  • First, prepare the eyelids

It is best to apply eye shadows to the base: this way they will last longer and look richer. In addition, the base evens out the color of the eyelid and hide wrinkles.

As a base, you can use a special substance, which you can find among many well-known cosmetic brands. If you do not have such a base, then you can use shimmering cream: apply to the eyelid, and then proceed to make-up.

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  • Combine dark and light shades

If you are not sure of your ability to correctly combine different colors, choose a win-win option, a dark and light shade of the same palette. This is the basic rule of eyelid makeup.

First, put a light shade on the entire eyelid. Then adjust the shape with dark shadows: underline one-third of the lower eyelid from the outside, spread the same color on the moving eyelid to the orbital line. Further, it will be good to shade the border of dark shadows with the help of light shades.

  • Put accents with shimmering shadows

The inner side of the eyelid should shine, it makes the look visually fresher and more open. Put a small highlight on the inner corner of the eye, using shimmering shadows.

If you want to add more brilliance, concentrate it on the middle and inner part of the eyelid. For an additional shimmer, powdery shadows are suitable, unlike cream ones, they will not spoil the makeup that has already been applied. Shading is the most important stage of makeup. It depends on how harmoniously the shadows blend and how natural it will look. Ideally, the transition from light to dark should be imperceptible unless you want to achieve an obvious contrast.


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