Dot by Marc Jacobs | The Forgotten Scent

Over the last week or two I’ve been seeing Beauty Bloggers receive the latest (and greatest?) perfume by Marc Jacobs - Honey.  I haven’t yet smelt Honey, and I am hoping it is featured in a future beauty box. However, while others have been busy lusting after the new scent by Marc Jacobs, I find myself concerned about the forgotten baby sister perfume.

Has everyone forgotten about poor old Dot?

Dot by Marc Jacobs was released in August 2012. I received a sample of it in one of my previous Lust Have It boxes, and I was smitten! I savoured every last drop from the sample. Once I had used it up, I decided that I would need to use a few more of my other full size perfumes before I buy a new one. After finishing them up, I was able to splurge on the Eau De Parfum of Dot by Marc Jacobs.

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