Tips & Tricks: Bright & Pastel Hair

I have been dying my hair bright and pastel colours for the last eight months or so, so I thought it was high time to write a post about it and share my knowledge, tips and tricks. Please note that I am NOT a professional hair dresser and I have gained my knowledge from YouTube Tutorials, Blog Articles and experience.


First things first, to dye your hair bright or pastel colours, you need to have blonde hair, either naturally or chemically. I have written posts with steps on achieving blonde hair here, here and here, so make sure you read up on those first. You will also need

  • an old towel you don’t mind getting stained
  • plastic gloves
  • a shower cap
  • aluminium foil (if you are doing more than one colour)
  • conditioner
  • hair dye of choice
  • a tinting brush
  • a mixing bowl
  • Vaseline

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The Dye

You don’t need to wait after bleaching your hair to dye it a bright or pastel colour, there is no reason to wait around! Brand wise I haven’t ventured too far away from Fudge Paintbox Colours (RRP $19.95) and Brite Organix Hair Dyes (RRP $9.99). Both work very well and have easy to use instructions.

There are a myriad of other hair colours you can use but I haven’t used them myself, so I cannot vouch for them. You can always mix dyes together to find your perfect shade, and they don’t need to be of the same brand either! I always mix my hair dye with conditioner, even if I am not aiming for a pastel look. For bright, vibrant colours, I use one aprt conditioner for three parts of dye.

pastel pink

Pastel Colours

For pastel colours, I use about half - full cup of conditioner and one TEENY TINY smidgen of colour until it looks right. You want it to be diluted and faded out, which is why a conditioner works well.10366038_10152514571060802_7139156906240435707_n


For two tone, you need to separate the pieces, wrap in foil after you have applied the dye to one section and then repeat with remaining sections. It’s important to keep the colours separate otherwise they can bleed into each other. Ombre hair is much easier to create, simply by ‘painting’ on the ends of your hair to ensure a gradient between the colours.

I hope this guide is useful for you! Remember to apply the Vaseline on your hairline if you are worried about staining and be careful with the bright dyes, they tend to stain (my bathroom counter can attest to this). Never leave any hair dye on longer than one hour and always do a patch test in case you are allergic to the dye.

Have you ever dyed your hair bright or pastel colours? What was the result?

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